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  1. What is the brand name of the shirts Matt??

  2. Jake says:

    Who is the girl Matt?

  3. Wack pack says:

    Just ordered mine. Please wear mine to bed before shipping. Lmao!

  4. Dan says:

    Hey where are the hats? I wanted one.

  5. Tyler says:

    Matt, you need to get some vinyl cut stickers my man!

  6. Sandra says:

    Hey Matt! I have a friend who may be able to help with getting some vinyl cut stickers made for free
    (that way you can sell them and make a little profit to keep making more vids) :-)
    Let me inquire about it this week and I’ll get back to you!

  7. Dave Webb says:

    Hey i saw your t-shirt on a episode on fast n load

  8. Christopher Dean K says:

    Any word on those vinyls? No offense against the shirts, I just have too damn many, my imaginary girlfriend hates me for them all. Some decals on the Jeep would be bad ass!

  9. Kyle Jordan Craigw says:

    Do y’all have any other tee’s with an xj on them if not would you make some more

  10. Drew T says:

    Hey Matt, Do you want the Play-Dough back that was in with my shirt?

  11. Greg moser says:

    Man get some stickers and some hoodies !!!!

  12. Greg moser says:

    Sounds good I’m just dying for a nice sticker aha

  13. Greg moser says:

    I saw your stickers on zazzle I don’t know if there yours or what?

  14. Mike Whitman says:

    I just wanted to say that I love your company and I would love to get some stickers or anything else you have to support you guys. Thank you Mike
    14080 Lincoln st grand haven,mi,49417

  15. David Raba says:

    Where is the blinker fluid? I love that you actually have the bearings and capacitor listed.

  16. William says:

    I just wanna know if the free shipping on order over 30 applies to Puerto Rico

  17. Trevor D says:

    The XJ sticker will be worn well on mine next to all the others now I just need to decide to do with the fake mustache that was included with the package. Maybe put it under a key lock with a monocule like a sir.

  18. Michael Landon says:

    Where are the installation instructions for the Flux Capacitor? I needs to get mine installed ASAP. There is a ’53 CJ 3b rusting away that I should have bought in high school.

  19. Smalls says:

    got my bleepinjeep sticker in the mail today and thanks for the stache! my kid will wear it proudly!!

  20. B. Jeepers says:

    Matt, could you make a video on the replacement of the forcistrolican reign in the XJ Cherokee? There are just none to be found and I know you could make a difficult project easier for all of us with yet another entertaining and informative episode.

  21. Duff says:

    Do you think you will have the “bleeping jeep fan” sticker design available in a shirt in the future?

  22. Chris says:

    No International Sales…?


  23. jon says:

    Hey…just tried to order a tee and hat but you don’t ship to the UK….Booooooo!

  24. Harry Bachmann says:

    Matt, I’m a new subscriber just checking out your store. Do you have a rough idea on when you would be getting more XXXL Cherokee tree hugger shirts in for us bigger Jeepers? Thanks – Wiretie over on NAXJA.
    PS: Liked your blinker fluid video. Any chance you have an “INSTALL” vid on the flux capacitor and power bands?

  25. Brian says:

    Hi MattI

    I am from the Uk and into cherokee jeeps ! So think your presentations are very informative and professionally made videos so please keep up the good work ! I was in the motor trade myself before retirement for 42 years

    We also own property in mountain view Arkansas so on my next trip to the USA I plan on purchasing a a grand cherokee Zj Model. However this must be a dual purpose as this jeep must earn is keep as I have acres of tree on our land so after a check over and winch and bumper it must start working and also be a only method of transport.

    As I will only be in the USA for about 3 months what the best way forward in planing a trail ready cherokee capable of work and a trip to visit a close friend s in Pittsburg / Dallas as I need to prioritise work on my cherokee ! All guidance would help me to formulate a plan

    Cheers to all of the jeeps terms out there and have fun in the mud


    • bleepinjeep says:

      Well, I would wait till you get here then search or one you like. You aren’t going to be able to “secure” one from the UK cause nobody can tell if this is a scam or not.

  26. 4x4 Mickey says:

    are you planning on getting any more of the zombie shirts back in? need a 2 xl. and site says your out of all xl. us fat folks don’t fit in the s.m.l lol

  27. Clint says:

    Great videos Matt! I just watched the gas tank video, and that is on my list to upgrade on my 01 Cherokee. Mine is also zombie themed, lol.
    You inspire me to keep working on my Jeep, keep up the great work!

  28. Danny says:

    Hi there.
    I noticed that on your Beer “T”s and hats that the word Jeep is spelled wrong…the P is backwards …and you know what they say…everything in life doesn’t matter as long as you’re Peeing right. …Great videos though! (New subscriber).

  29. Greg moser says:

    Finally getting some decals. So pumped to see them!!! Also picked up another t shirt.
    Bleeping jeep is the best

  30. Joshua Johnson says:

    Great shirt and stickers. Promt shipping. Thanks for the special added bonus of 2 army men and straw. nice touch.

  31. cory says:

    Hey Matt any chance you will be gatting anymore xxl of the jeep fan t’s?

  32. Sandmann says:


    your videos are great and help me a lot working on my XJ.
    Im from germany, will you send some stickers and shirts to germany?

    Greetings and keep on doing what u do ;)

  33. Rob says:

    Hey Matt love your videos!! They’ve helped me out a few times now with maintenance on my JK. Ordered a shirt and will be supporting you from up here in Canada. Keep up the great work!

  34. Jorge says:

    you should make a tee shirt with the xj sticker picture on it, i would definitely buy that!

  35. Harry Smiff says:

    Dude! Got my shirt in time to wear it while replacing orings in my OFA. The superball was great! Just can’t find it now…hope it’s not in my motor! +1 on the bleepinzombie koozie. Thanks man

  36. Mike says:

    When will you have more blue I’m a Jeep Fan T-Shirts in? I need a L and XL. Thanks

  37. Scott says:

    Matt im very new on bleepin jeep and I’m glad someone realizes that there are more jeeps made than just wranglers don’t get me wrong wranglers are nice if you got 30 grand to buy one but I don’t keep up the great videos very informative

  38. Bo says:

    The girlfriend and I love the “tree hugger shirts,” and the pop rocks aren’t bad either. Maybe next time we can get those in apple instead of tropical punch.

  39. Ed says:


    I cannot complete the checkout transaction because there is no option in the country dropdown menu for Australia.

    Please check,


  40. Dakota 95ZJ Morris says:

    Hey Matt! Do some ZJ Bids! Their super cheap vehicles and there are no good videos on YouTube out there. You would gain alot of fans, plus I’d love to see some ZJ merchandise, I’d buy the shirts but I can’t rep what I ain’t got!

  41. Arthur Roy says:

    Just got the Tree Hugger XJ shirt in Orange. Fantastic product and quick delivery! Thanks!

  42. Dylan says:

    Hey Matt. Are the giant bandaids stickers or magnets? Great videos and great ideas! Keep up the awesome work!

  43. Joe says:

    What kind of OD tube clamp did you use to attach the ladder to your Zombie Jeep roof rack? Where did you source the parts?

  44. Ian says:

    Is there a limit to the number of power bands I can put on my drive shafts? I want to maximize power but understand the law of diminishing returns. Thanks

  45. Tejay says:

    like the videos would love see some zj’s there cheap jeeps and easy to build would like to see a zombie zj