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The Freedom Winch Line is a patent pending brand new type of synthetic winch rope that has everything you need for winching, built right in with no metal components involved.  That means, no D-ring shackles, no tree savers, and no winch accessories are needed for most winching operations.  And it all fits right there in your winch ready to be used at a moments notice.  The freedom winch line is safer to use, faster to set up, and easier to use, and cheaper than those flashy metal accessories.

The freedom winch line is still currently under development and production.  This is a Pre-Order item.  When final production begins your rope will ship on a first come first serve basis so get those orders in now!

Hey guys Matt here with BleepinJeep, as you know, winching has always been a dangerous process and every year new accessories are created to make it safer. But these accessories come at a price and they are hard to keep track of and carry around. You’ve got your gloves, your tree saver, your D-ring shackles, your soft shackles, more D-rings, etc. etc… But what if I told you I have an invention that can get rid of all of that and its all self contained right in your winch??

Let me show you how it works, put your winch in free spool, pull out the cable, wrap it around a tree, put the end through the hole, simple as that, just put it through the hole… that’s it, you’re ready to winch! Ready to disconnect? Just give a little slack and unhook, it’s quick, safe, simple, and easy.

Need to winch to someone else’s Jeep? It’s as easy as un-looping the top, put it through the bumper, attach the freedom line back to itself, and you’re ready to winch. Ready to disconnect? Give it some slack, back through the loop, take it off the bumper, back over itself, and you’re good to go, Easy as that. Completely self contained, no accessories needed.

With the freedom winch line you can get rid of your gloves, your tree saver, dangerous metal hooks, these silly things, your d-ring shackles, and more. The freedom Winch Line, Patent Pending.

If you’d like to know more, I have a 12-minute video that goes into more detail right here:

Thanks so much for your time!

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