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  1. Tony Bolton says:

    Nice write up/how to video’s!

  2. shaun says:

    Is it possible to request a video to be made? Possibly one regarding axle seals and bearings, start- removing diff. and end point- installing diff on a Dana 30 if possbile. Please let me know. Donations to this website are in the works.

    Thanks again

  3. Darren says:

    Hey Matt, I just watched your you tube vid on beedlock install with super swampers. I have a question about balancing super swampers. I have 32×10.5×15 Swamper TSL radials on my 04 Wrangler and can not get them balanced. I have put 10 oz of counteract beads in them and still have vibes at 45 to 55 mph. Should I take out the beads and put in airsoft BBs. If so how many Oz would you recommend. If you have any suggestions I would be more than appriciative of your knowlage.

    Thank You, Darren……………

    • bleepinjeep says:

      Hmm, first off do you know for sure that its the tires giving you the vibes? Try and put some street tires on if you can or at least rotate the bad tire to the back to check. Ive got some advice to try but first I would like to know if you are running beadlocks or not?? If so are they centered? Are your tires chunked (missing large chunks of tread)?

  4. joe says:

    hey man 2 things, just want to say i love your videos, they are thorough and a huge help to me!!
    also, i have an ’88 yj and am having steering issues. my wheel is hard to turn (all of a sudden) replaced both tierods, no fix.. guessing its either steerng box or pump.

    what say you?

  5. Chris says:

    Hi, saw you video on jeep death wobble and it helped me find my problem, thanks so much!

  6. John Russell says:

    HI: I just recently purchased a 1990 jeep cherokee laredo 4×4 and the power steering seems to loose, this doesn;t seem normal to me. Is there a way to tighten it up. I replaced the steering stabilizer with the proper part number and now I can’t steer all the way to the right because the stabilizer is bottoming out. Did I put the wrong one on after I through the old one away, don’t remember how long the old was, or maybe this is normal. the stablilzer is 12 inches long, it seems like it should be shorter. John

    • bleepinjeep says:

      Sounds like maybe you put the stabilizer on wrong or maybe its the wrong one, either way that is not your problem for loose steering. There are so many things that contribute to loose steering, they are the same things that contribute to death wobble. So check out my bleepinjeep video on death wobble on youtube if you havent already.

  7. Nick says:

    GREAT videos!!!!!! VERY Helpful!!! I have a 99 TJ I did a 2.5 to 4.0 swap. It was fun wish i could have found more videos many started and never finished. I did find a good forum though. Now I am workin on swapping in a dana 44 for the rear. I was wondering if you have or plan on doing a video on installing a ring and pinion with an OX locker in a dana 44 (rear). oh yeah like your trouble shooting on the ECU. Thanks!!!!!!

    • bleepinjeep says:

      Thanks for the comment and checking out the website! I would like to do a ring and pinion video some day but I need an axle to do it on… hopefully I can find someone locally who will hand over their rig for a few days!

  8. Michael B. says:

    Ok, like others I have a death wobble. History: 1996 Jeep Cherokee Country, running strong and I love it!! I try to do all the work myself. I started to put a 3in. lift on, spacers in front, and did not have the time to finish. The DW was there from the get go and I thought it would go away when I finished with the back end lift (took me about 4 weeks to get to it). Now, months later, I have slowly replaced all the tie rod ends and parts. It is still there!! What is left? What else is there next to do? PLEASE HELP!

  9. Rob says:

    Hey bro I found you’re video on death wobble and it helped out a lot.
    I was wondering if you have a video go how to sit up a slip yoke eliminator I have a 96 Cherokee sport and but in a 4.5in lift on it and need to put that on so I can get it back on the road.


  10. Satish says:

    Hi Matt,

    Great to see you sharing information on Jeep for all the Jeep lovers. I own a Mahindra Jeep (from India). I have a question and looking forward to you for a solution. My jeep had a coli spring type clutch earlier. And during my jeep overhaul, I had it changed to diaphragm type clutch. The clutch was hard. I did not pay much attention to the hardness assuming it would soften gradually on usage. But it never did. After I started developing knee problems, I changed back to coil spring type. The clutch still seems to be hard. This is not a hydraulic clutch but a manual clutch. I am lost of ideas. Any pointers on what I need to replace to get a softer clutch is greatly appreciated. And I love your videos.

    Thanks and Regards

    • bleepinjeep says:

      Hey, thanks for watching! I don’t know much about clutches but I’ll give it a shot. First, If you can I would suggest getting an automatic if possible, then all your problems will be gone! If not, then sounds like you might need to replace the throwout bearing or if that’s not it then try a softer spring. And if that’s not it, then it could be a kinked or frayed clutch cable, or there possibly could be some kind of tension adjustment under the dash.

      Hope that helps,


  11. tom carden says:

    im looking to buy a late 90’s cherokee. What year doors fit? My junk yard has 7 or 8 cherokees. I live in Jacksboro, tn. I would like to come and pick your brain sometime.

  12. Jimipallooza says:

    Just discovered you and I love your work. Followed your instructions for removable half doors on my ’88 Comanche. Love ’em!
    I have a problem I bet you can solve. My rear brakes, I’ll adjust them them up with the “star” adjustment on the backing plates, and 2 days later they are no longer adjusted.
    When adjusted, they work great, they just wont stay adjusted. I heard something about a sensor or proportioning valve, that wont work correctly when the Comanche is lifted, and mine is.
    You know anything about this, where it’s located, how to fix?
    Hope you can bail a Jeeper out, and keep up the good work.

    • bleepinjeep says:

      the proportioning valve has nothing to do with lift or adjustment. Some people take it out when doing a rear disk conversion but that has nothing to do with the star adjuster you are talking about. That star adjuster keeps the brake shoes spread out and close to the drum. I assume you mean it is backing off the drum, in which case the little clip that keeps it from backing off must not be making contact. For instance when you adjust it , it should only be able to turn one direction and not the other… if you can turn it both directions then you have a problem and need to get in there and figure out what is askew.

      • jimipallooza says:

        I checked that, it turns in the correct direction only.
        Everything looks to be correct and working in there. That’s what’s got me baffled.
        I heard/read/saw somwhere that the Comanche was the only Jeep with this funky mechanism on it, that will cause my problem.
        Not sure what to do.
        I appreciate your comments.

        • bleepinjeep says:

          Ahh, looks like you are right… after doing some research I found the trucks have a BRAKE Height sensing proportioning valve. Looks like it is at the rear tires unlike the valve on an XJ which is in the engine bay. But, they dont make replacement valves anymore. looks like you’ll have to replace it with an XJ like setup. Do a search for “Comanche BRAKE Height sensing proportioning valve”

  13. Casey says:

    recently baught a 91 xj limited and have gauge problems. gas gauge is pegged past full low fuel light on , and speedo and tach dont work. i read somewhere online saying to check ground wires on block so i took off cleaned up and put back on . still nothing. you have any idea what might be going on there maybe make a video of something cuz sure would be nice to have the main gauge (gas)
    Thanks, Casey

    • bleepinjeep says:

      speedo and tach on a 91 is probably a manual wire cable running down to the transfer case. Those get old and will need to be replaced. not sure about the gas guage… most likely it is a problem with the sending unit itself inside the gas tank.

  14. Jimipallooza says:

    I knew you’d figure it out!!!
    Can’t thank you enough my good man.
    Thanks for digging deeper and doing research, you went above and beyond.
    Hats off to you.

  15. Podcast Interview Request

    We do a little weekly podcast “XJ TALK SHOW!” for the xjtalk.com Jeep Cherokee forum. I happened across your youtube channel and I think you’d make a great guest.

    Before agreeing to do the interview drop by our xjtalkshow.com website and check out some of the past shows.

    I schedule interviews Monday thru Friday 7pm to 11pm Central time. Saturday’s are usually available for interviews. Skype is the first choice simply because it provides the best audio quality. Our contact name on Skype is “xjtalk.com”. Land line or cell phone are fine. I can call you or you me. The interview is recorded then mixed in with the final podcast that is released late Sunday or Monday.

    We do a live show on Sundays 10pm CT http://ustream.tv/channel/xjtalk

    Thanks and hoping to schedule for that interview soon!

  16. tony muniz says:

    i have a 1990 cherokee laredo but i changed plugs, rotor. cap. still acts like it missing. and when i drive it the jeep has a small back fire. a little history of the cherokee. the guy that owned it cut the emissions and vacuum hoses out. and cut the cat out and the exhaust all gone. but i love your videos. thanks.

  17. Brendenv says:

    Hey man love the videos! I’d like to see one on how to make a snorkel for the XJ. Sorry if its been done and I missed it.

  18. B-rent says:

    Would like to see a video for steering box upgrade/replacement. Mine is leaking and figure might as well go a little beefier. Thanks for the great videos Matt keep’em coming!

  19. Dave says:

    I really dig your YouTube channel. Super informative and fun. You kinda remind me of a Mr. Rogers / Norm MacDonald hybrid. A very patient and calm demeanor with a sharp and arid sense of humor. Very entertaining.

  20. Rick B. says:

    What’s up Matt,
    2000 TJ Sahara, automatic, 4.0, Airaid intake, Poweraid throttle body spacer, 4-inch lift, Advance Adaptors SYE kit, Tom Wood’s drive shaft, BFG All Terrains 33×12.50×15. Two Things: 1) Motor runs kinda rough at times, and also “pulses”. Did BACK flush, added new coolant, (50/50, coolant/water, I mixed it) then “burped” on an incline. Did about a 2 or 3 mile test drive and motor seems to be running WAAAAAY better, but now check engine light is on. ??? 2) When I bought the Jeep it had the lift and tires, but not the SYE or shaft. LOTS of vibration before SYE and shaft, and none after. Now, I seem to be feeling kind of like an on and off vibration when I get up to about 68 to 70 MPH. It’s not an “on again, off again” thing. The mild vibration is constant, but it feels kinda like slightly heavy, then very light, then slightly heavy, etc. My excelent brake guy say’s the tires are out of balance. ??? Love your video’s, that’s how I learned to “burp” my baby. LOL! Thanks in advance for any help you might have.

    • bleepinjeep says:

      Hey man, thanks for watching! Sounds like you might just need a tune up, new plugs, wires, cap and rotor. To see why its throwing the code I would stop by Autozone and have them check it with the computer. That might narrow it down for ya. For the vibration, have the tires balanced… thats cheap, if it solves the problem then good, if not then it could be a bad u-joint on the driveshaft or something else.

  21. Hi, Greetings from Santiago, Chile – South America, thank you very much for your videos have been very helpful for my XJ 1989. take a look at my jeep here



  22. Josh says:

    Will you be doing any gear swaps or is that something you’d take to a pro? I really love DIY stuff and paying $200 an axle for just getting the gears installed seems expensive.

    • bleepinjeep says:

      I just did that today but It’s a bitch and requires hundreds of dollars in specialty tools to do it right. There are sooooooo many things to go over. Plus I’m not very good at it, so for that reason, sorry but I wont be making a video on that.

      • Josh says:

        No problem. Still trying to decide if I am gonna try and tackle it myself. Maybe I can find someone locally that will do it after hours or something. Thanks for the great how-to videos!

  23. Masarrat says:

    Dear Matt,

    My LX 470 is pulling to the left while driving. I have pretty much done every thing that could possibly be done with the tires, short of replacing them. I mean i have rotated them from side to side as well as front to back. However, the car still pulls in the same direction. Some one suggested to flip the tires over, meaning the outer walls in and inner walls out. But i haven’t done that as yet because it doesn’t make much sense to me.

    What i have also tried is to check the drifting while applying brakes during normal driving but astonishingly the car does not pull while braking! So i am guessing it is not the calipers. However, i have noticed by smelling a bit of heat after driving but i thought it was the engine. Do you suggest to check heat by touching the calipers? Is there any thing else that comes to mind? Do you suggest to replace all the tires? By the way i forgot to mention one important thing that is the steering wheel which is not centered. I thought it was the alignment but had it checked at two different places and they say the alignment is fine.

    Your expert opinion is highly appreciated.


  24. Shannon says:

    Hey Matt, I just wanted to say thank you for your great YouTube videos. I am a single mom that likes to fix things myself. I bought my son a Jeep Grand Cherokee 1998 for his first vehicle and it is a MESS! With your videos I am able to do the repairs and replacements myself! I just finished replacing a Steering Gear Box and now the 02 Sensor. So….. Thank you and keep the videos coming!

  25. Duane says:

    hey matt new here great vidios man have a question for ya i have a 1989 jeep yj and my steering wheel lock is gone and i,m thinking off replacing the column ,will a comanchie steering column fit my jeep thanks matt

  26. Darwin says:

    Matt – I have a sagging rear end (my 2000 XJ)! I would like to install the bastard pack that you featured on youtube. What year was the S-10 in that video or would you recommend for my 2000 XJ? Helper springs were installed but didn’t take care of the problem…
    Thanks for looking and keep up the good work. The how to videos are great.

  27. Dave kitson says:

    Hi Matt, have you ever published a video on clutch removal and replacement for the jeep Cherokee xj?

  28. carlos says:

    2001 jeep xj problems with random misfires po302 po305 po306 change plugs, change injectors and replaced o2 sensors check tps it seems ok . i try erasing codes but once i rev up to 2500rpms cel starts blinking. also get oil on plugs 5,6. appreciate any help

  29. Douglas Castro says:

    nice web ….from Costa Rica

  30. Chris says:

    Hey bleepin, Two questions for you, one, how do you tell if your control arm bushings are bad and two, where in Michigan are you (Kalamazoo here)? Great videos, keep it up

  31. Eric says:

    I have a 87 jeep xj with the 4.0 it has a rough idle an is running rich. I can drive it every day all day on the road. But as soon as I hit the woods playin it loads up an cuts of an cuts off an will not crank until it cools down. But it doesn’t do it when I take it off road in the winter. I think it may be the fuel regulator.

    • brian says:

      Just wondering are there any particular year s10′s to use for the bastard pack lifts?
      Also got a 98 runs fine when it wants to. It had a vacuum leak coming from the cruise control vacuum servo. Plugged it up but now every once and a while I will stomp the gas and it won’t go past about 30 mph. It won’t rev out either but in neutral or park it will red line. Cleaned out the cat and throttle body already no change. It seems to do it after it gets hot. Fan clutch is bad and no electric fan so it runs hot at a stop too sometimes. I’m just lost with this headache. Any help from anybody is appreacited. Thanks

  32. Luis m Gutierrez says:

    How to fix the oil pressure on a jeep cherokee. 1989

  33. Mike lombardi says:

    Matt my 98 xj 4.0 with 125,000 miles on it wont start on first try , but always starts on the second or third try. Battery and stater are good,and I have recently done a tune up with the help of your how to videos , GREAT STUFF thanks for all your time and effort you put into them. I have been told it could be a a check valve or a fuel injector problem . Any advise on how to diagnose which it is could be or what it might be would be great. Thanks, Mike

    • bleepinjeep says:

      sounds like it maybe the fuel check valve in the tank. After it sits a while see if there is still pressure in the system by opening the fuel bleeder valve on the fuel rail.

  34. Mike lombardi says:

    Thanks Matt I will try that . Whats your advise on removing the rear track bar on my 98 xj. Is it a do or a don’t for off roading. And will it effect my on road handling. Thanks again for the great site and videos. Mike

  35. Mike lombardi says:

    Thanks for the advise and just how i like ,right to the point and” none of the boring stuff”. on its way to the trash. And I just finished making the tool box from your video , and its working out great . Thanks again ,Mike

  36. jake stern says:

    Matt, your day in the life vid was hilarious! Plus your a Texan so its twice as cool!

  37. Kyle says:

    Hey Matt. Just watched your latest video on YouTube about your newly organized shop. I’ve got three metal 55 gallon barrels I’ll trade you for your help fixing my xj. I’m in Indiana. What you think?

  38. Andy Gallegos says:

    hey bud first off AWESOME VIDS! i have a 92 xj now but swappin it for a 96 jgc…any tips tricks and mods i should try first with the new girl. lol sounds bad eh???

    • bleepinjeep says:

      cut it up and wheel the snot out of it!

      • Andy Gallegos says:

        anything to start with on a fixed budget? id like to lift it first as i was used to my 1ton ford lol and what are your opinions of the jeep grand cherokees?

        • bleepinjeep says:

          well, check out my vids on the bastard pack and front coil spacers. the Grand will be different but at least you can get an idea how to build a lift from junkyard parts! Ive never owned one but a grand cherokee was more of a luxury vehicle and will require some more cutting and modding to make into an offroad performer.

  39. Andy says:

    Hey bleepin ya I plan on wheelin it but any starting points with a fixed budget ? Maybe the exhaust berrings ehh?? Haha

  40. George Pride says:

    I would appreciate some info on Cherokee chassis stiffeners if you have any. Your videos are well done and easy to follow, and implement. Great job. Thanks. G Pride…Jeepride!

    • bleepinjeep says:

      what kind of info? I know that they are pretty important if you plan to wheel an XJ hardcore.

      • George Pride says:

        I don’t know. Maybe which ones are best or easiest to put on with the best results. Do you run these. Geez, just lookin for some help to not screw up and use the wrong thing.

        • bleepinjeep says:

          yes, I use them, I made my own out of steel. The only comanpy that I know of that makes them for the XJ is TnT customs. they weld on.. Only problem is they might interfere with other components you already have on your jeep. that is why I made my own.

  41. George Pride says:

    I was just trying to find out if you used them, which type worked best ,and were the easiest to install.

  42. Peter Cederblad says:


    I love what you did to the front of your XJ, is there a video or something written about that? I cant find anything.

    Thanks for an awesome site!


  43. JeepinJesse says:

    hello my 97 charokee 4.0l has started to discharged smoke from the tailpipe that is in the color of big white clouds. When the engine first started, it will run for a few seconds and then comes when the engine runs like it’s going to die out. The smoke starts coming out of the tailpipe and then some forms of oily liquid that smells like unburned gas starts dripping from the end of the tailpipe.advice on what would be the safest and quickest fix to this problem would be appretiated, i just recently replaced the cap and rotor aswell as plug wires because i thought this may have been the issue but nothing changed.

  44. Jakethompso says:

    Hey Matt awesome videos! If you know the guy with the dark blue bronco in some of your vids will you ask him where he got those gyroscoping cup holders? I could really use them in my xj

  45. Blanca says:

    Have a 07 Chevy tahoe AWD. Everytime I put it in reverse, I hear a clunk, put it back in drive another clunk , any ideas , need help please .

  46. Matt Martin says:

    Hey Matt, I have a 2000 XJ with 3″ coils and factory 2010 rubicon shocks upfront, and 2″ blocks with cheap gas magnums. the back always rides really soft and squishy while the front can make you feel like someone is punching you in the kidneys. My question is, what can i do to make my xj ride like it did when it was stock but keep my lift?

    great videos, keep up the good work.
    thanks, Matt Martin

  47. emmanuel mallari jr says:

    hey matt, i am a filipino working here in riyadh, saudi arabia. i owned a 98 jeep cherokee 4.0L with manual transmission. the power steering oil is leaking like 3 or 4 drops a day. i need to know if this is a big deal in the long run. if so, can i replace the hose myself?

    also my engine is leaking oil for a while and the mechanic says they have to replace the engine seal or gasket without even looking at it. in one of my change oil/filter routine, i told the guy not to over-tighten the oil filter and to pour STP engine oil leak additives before they pour in the engine oil. lo and behold the leak disappeared. i wonder is it because of the additives or just the right amount of torque applied on oil filter?

    thanks a lot, bro.

    • bleepinjeep says:

      Jeeps leak, 3 or 4 drops is nothing! but if it’s an easy fix then go for it, it might just be a bad o-ring.

      No telling on the oil, In my experience the more mud that is caked under there, the less the jeep leaks, maybe that is what happened to you;)

  48. mouse says:

    how about a 1997 jeep grand cherokee with a 4.0 straight 6 that wont stay running. what you got for me? already replace cap, rotor, ignition module unter the distributor cap, coil, fuel pump regulator, crank sensor, wires, and plugs.

    • bleepinjeep says:

      that late model should have a pretty good computer to tell you exactly what is wrong. take it to the autozone or if you cant move it, buy an OBD2 or 3 scanner and see what it tells you.

  49. Wayne Tice says:

    Hi Matt,
    Great site and DIY vids I am 97 XJ owner, just changed out axle u-joints and hub bearings after watching your YouTube vid great job. But now axle seals leaking by any chance do you have vid on how to change out seals?

  50. Sean says:

    Thanks a bunch for doing what you do. The videos are awesome and they’ve helped me a lot. Fuck yeah fuckin jeep

  51. Steven says:

    I need your help…After messing with my NSS my jeep cherokee(98) wont go in any gear except neutral. What did I do and how do I fix it?

  52. Steve says:

    Hey Matt, Why can i not view “Project Scorpion Crawler”, e-mail me please.

  53. Tim says:

    Matt, im looking for a discount code for JRC. Gofundme 1%’ er

  54. Chris says:

    I can’t find your part one on jeep DW? You do a great job
    With your videos. Thanks. Cb

  55. Andrew says:

    Matt, will you use the funds that have been donated so far to at least start the insulation process in the garage?

  56. Ulf Ahlander says:

    Hi Matt

    Keep up the good work. I love your videos and I learn a lot of things.

    Best regards

    Ulf Ahlander
    Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited V8 1995

  57. Nate says:

    Love your video on the steering column disassemble (almost as much as the superbowl commercial). My column is missing the screw that holds the key tumbler in place but I still couldn’t remove it? Any help here?


  58. Paul says:

    Great videos!!! Love your work. Great sense of humor as well. I send you an email…I look forward to your response.

  59. Bendog says:

    Regarding your video on How to Replace a Double Cardan Joint, will there be any problem if
    I pressed the ball assembly till it seated? I used the old ring from the previous ball to press the new one in. Next thing I knew the assembly seated flush with the dust seal recess. I’m a little concerned seeing that there is a slight lip on that assembly. Please respond asap. Thanks

  60. Scott51 says:

    Hi Matt, Thank You for your web-site….Your video’s are great!…I have a 1991 Cherokee Lerado 4×4. I want to rebuild the suspension some day, but I was wondering if I could cut off at least one link from the front coil springs to lower the front a little? Will it all still go back together the right way? And everything is factory…..Thanks man

  61. Keri says:

    Hey Matt big fan of your Zombie Build! Have one myself! Also would it be possible to do a how to, on how to change your Transmission Solenoids? I have an issue with my Shift Solenoid B, and have no idea how I should go about fixing it up! Thanks!

  62. Hey Matt!! Absolutely love the videos you’ve saved me in a lot of sticky situations. I was wondering. Did you paint the zombie jeep yourself? The matte black?? I’m really loving that look. Do you have a video on that perhaps Im looking to do it to mine thank mason

  63. Jim says:

    Matt – you have really helped me on the rebuild of my 1994 Cherokee Sport. I need to replace the bumpers on my coil springs. Is it possible to replace the bumpers without removing the springs?

  64. Yan says:

    hey Matt

    great videos
    had a question I wheel my 90 xj all the time. I bought it with the lift.
    now I ran into a few issues after a good year of wheeling hard
    my front coil springs are rubbing against the coil guide/bump stop
    my lower control arms are after market and upper are still stock
    I believe my track bar an tie rods an drag link are from a v8 zj
    also I suspect my axle shifted to the rear of the jeep
    so I was wondering if I change out upper an lower with fully adjustable an all new bushing that would correct my issue with the coils rubbing?

  65. Dan says:

    Hi Matt, I wanted to ask you about doing a lift. I like the way you did yours, s10 springs, wj coils , with that ACO’s addition, I doesn’t really make alot of sense to me to spend upto 12 or 13 hundred to do a similar lift. I don’t have the space or all the tools and or experience/knowledge. What would you charge me? Could you reply to my email address?

    Thanks look forward to hearing from you

  66. Matt says:

    hey Matt, i wanted to ask what you thought about my 99′ XJ vibrating around 40MPH when i let off the gas. Its lifted 3.5 inches with a RE lift on 32 by 11.5 tires. I got a hackntap SYE put in the transfer case and a new CV drive shaft as well as the front shaft shortened. after all this stuff done to it, it still vibrated at 40MPH but just not as bad. I have now replaced the Transfer case entirely with a brand new from Jasper (same Model)(since there was metal shaving in it) and the SYE was put in this one as well and it still vibrates. now we have checked the Rear Diff for any blips and its completely solid and got a fluid change, and now here i sit with the jeep still vibrating. do you have any clue of what this could be ? thank you!

    • bleepinjeep says:

      how about a bad u-joint in the driveshaft?

      • Matt says:

        i was thinking the same thing until i realized when it got back to the shop everything was new. all the u-joints in the driveshafts both front and rear are all brand new :/ but I think I may have figured out what it could be, i personally did not put in the hackntap and i read that if you do not get the drilling straight and balanced that you can have just as bad vibs from the driveshaft as you would with the stock driveshaft. So i think my best option now is to follow your video on the full SYE and do that, That video you recently posted helped me a ton on trying to figure this whole thing out and I want to thank you for that!

  67. jake says:

    what video camera do you use to do you recording? And do you use an external mic?

    • jake says:

      I know its off topic. But I was thinking about doing some videos and was wondering how much I would have to spend on a camera. Your videos are good quality.

    • bleepinjeep says:

      I use a canon 7D and a Rode Video mic. But photography is all about lighting, without good lighting even a $10K camera wont give you a great picture.

  68. eric faley says:

    I have been noticing you have been installing rough country parts on your XJs. how are they holding up. the NAXJA forums seem to not like the product. i been noticing that a few magazines have been installing them lately and there Rough Country tv on you tube has been saying there kits are redesigned. i want to do a 2inch lift on my TJ and XJ. but hate to spend the money on a poor quality product with a poor reputation. thanks Eric

  69. JR says:

    Hey Matt! Love your videos. Thanks for the fun gifts that came with my two T shirts that the wifey got me for Christmas! Anyway, I have an ’88 YJ, with a 5″ total lift, done by lift springs + taller shackles. I recently bought a set of used stock springs, and am planning on using them to do the SOA conversion. Yes, this is a how-to video request.
    Thank you, and please continue farting in your videos!

    San Diego, CA

  70. Steve says:

    Wanted to let you know I really enjoy your videos. Anything in the near future regarding replacing electric door lock actuator on front and rear drive side door?

    I have a 2008 Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited and the electric door locks do not work for either door on the driver’s side. It is not a wiring issue. Doors will lock manually…just not with the interior lock switch of the key fob. Would really like a cheap fix.

    Thanks again for all of your helpful and hilarious videos.

  71. Izzy says:

    Hello, I saw your video regarding adding a Jeep Cherokee’s leaf to an S10 leaf (bastard). Awesome video! Does it matter what year the S10? I came back from the junkyard and saw an 89 S10 leaf springs (pair) for $100. Any thoughts?

  72. Henry says:

    How much would you pay for a 90’s xj in good condition?

  73. Loren says:

    Hello. I’m ordered the rough country bumper for an xj. I am in the process of removing the old bumper and bracket. On the old bracket on the driver side is a torx t55. It just keeps spinning. Is there a bolt you have to hold in the back? Is that screw holding anything besides the bumper bracket because I know the rough country bracket doesn’t use that hole. Thanks

  74. Joey says:

    Hey! Do you ever get a loud ting when you drive in a gear then shift out? For instance, my 99 xj – only when the head lights are on – if I drive in any gear for a minute then shift out it tings this also causes the radio to shut off and turn back on its bugging me out
    If the lights are off no noise

    Thanks mate

  75. Kekai says:

    Aloha from Hawaii! Your youtube channel is the BOMB and has been very useful in my endevours. I have a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Classic and have been researching to find a way to fix a pesky vacume leak (or so I think). So heres the problem, when driving without A/c the engine starts to squeeel or whistle. Sometimes very loudly. When I accelerate the sound goes away instantly, but as soon as I let go of the pedel it starts whistling again. When the A/c is on low and the whistling starts, I can turn the A/c full blast and the sound will soon dissapate. My question is: Is there a way for me to determine if it is a vacume leak? Also if it is a vacume leak, any advice on ways to find/ fix the leak? Thank you for your time and any advice you can share.
    Mahalo Kekai

    • bleepinjeep says:

      that sounds more like a loose or worn out belt. check the tension and or get a new belt and tighten it properly. while it’s off make sure all pulleys and a/c clutch is good.

      • Kekai says:

        The belt is brand new, and is tightened properly. I’m positive it is not the belt. I think I just need to keep digging to find the root problem. Thanks for your time.

  76. Cody says:

    If my u joints were out on my 2013 dodge 2500 could I feel the popping through the steering column and up n the steering wheel?

  77. Run!ROBOTS! says:

    On board MIG welder
    Small 110 for emergencies or whatever
    No money for generator or all this fancy stuff so is there a way to put a down and dirty weld jobby in the Ol’ XJ?!

  78. Jim Nichols says:

    Have exhausted my phone & laptop, websites and eBay…for a week, searching for a Neutral Safety Switch for 1988 Olds 98 with a DIGITAL INSTRUMENT PANEL… If I send mine to you, will YOU clean it, OR, refer me to someone who will? Thanks?

  79. Chris Hood says:

    Hey you ever do any riding on windrock in Oliver Springs TN?

  80. Lee says:

    Hey guys, I have a Jeep XJ 1994 model with the 2,5L petrol carbureted engine and Ive been having some problems lately. She loses power as soon as i hit a hill and sounds more like a diesel now after shes been standing for about a year and a half. Any advice from your side would be much appreciated before i start taking the engine apart.

  81. Jake says:

    What part of East TN are you in? I’m just getting into jeeps and would love to meet up with people. I live in crossville but I’m always in Knoxville.

  82. Eric Van Splinter says:

    Matt, Great work! Makes me confident that I can most anything I need to with my “new” jeep. I just got a 1994 Cherokee 2dr, 4.0, stock no lift original wheels even. I need to replace the rear main seal. I watched your video on how to do it but…they had the front axle out. I have read that if I can drop the front end down some I can clear everything to get the oil pan out. What do i need to disconnect to get the front end to hang? I understand jack-stands and jack under front diff. I am replacing the shocks and adding coil spacers while I have it “hanging” Just want to make it as simple as possible. Is there already a video that shows this? I couldn’t find one. any help is appreciated. Thanks for the real videos and working on dirty vehicles.

  83. Ben Martin says:

    Hey Matt, iv got a 95 xj and i would like to swap out my aw4 for the ax15, the only problem is the only donor jeep i could find is 2 wheel drive, would that be a problem? I have researched my butt off but apparently no one else on the internet has had this problem.
    Thanks, Ben

  84. Scott p says:

    Hey Matt, great videos. Had a question about fake beadlocks, I’ve got set on my xj that came with it. Have you ever heard of anyone turning them into real beadlocks and using the inner fake ring has inner ring that would have to be welded on the d.i.y kit.

  85. Chris says:

    Where do you get the rebuild kit for the 3 bolt steering box for a 5th?

  86. Kyle Newman says:

    Hey I have a question for you! Will the carrier and gears out of a 84 HP Dana 30 fit in a 98 HP 30?

  87. Carlos says:

    Matt like your videos have a question can I remove my speed cable from behind my speedometer on my 1987 Jeep Wrangler yj

  88. Junior says:

    Have a 1979 cj5, only 4low and 4hi work, 2 kow and 2 hi work when it’s on jack stands but won’t pull it’s weight in any gears. Could it he the transfer case?

  89. Chris says:

    I have an 02 jeep wrangler apex edition, it is a 4L 6cyl automatic, I am having a 4″ lift installed this weekend and have a oneton steering kit and a new steering stabilizer. With the stock dana 30/35 and 3:73s, can I run 35″ tires if i go easy? Im from RI so wheeling is relatively flat and easy, this is also my daily, thanks for your input

  90. Bryan W. says:

    I discovered your Scorpion Crawler videos the other day and I gotta say, you’ve changed my opinion on Cherokees. Your videos are definitely entertaining and at the same time, I’m also learning a lot and considering a project crawler of my own. While I personally thank you, my fiancée on the other hand… well not so much lol. If you don’t mind me asking -you can respond privately through email if more comfortable- what approximately did that project cost when all was said and done? Take it easy man. I look forward to more videos!

  91. Hi Matt! Awesome job on your video tutorials and great builds!

    So happy you’re doing the ZJ V8 for the cheap jeep build.

    ZJs started my passion for Jeeps when my grandad passed away and left his ZJ for me in his will. (A career Avionics electrician in the USAF).He loved to wrench, and taught my father everything he knew, and they would be in the garage every weekend, tearing down some jalopy he saw promise in. Around my late teens he started getting sick and purchased a 98 ZJ Laredo I6, selectrac 4×4 it needed a little work and under his watchful eye he would explain to me and my father how to do any repairs and we would do the labor. While we worked he would explain to me engine components, electrical systems , emissions systems, he was truly a better asset than the Haynes book.
    When I was around 20 he passed and surprised me with that jeep. He taught me how to fish, how to do it myself, how to be confident in my skills when faced with major repair. So that’s why I am looking forward to your cheap jeep ZJ build.

    I’m 31 now and my Vehicle currently is kinda similar to my grandads 98 ZJ Laredo , I may be bias towards zjs…
    DD is a 97′ ZJ limited 5.2l V8, quadratrac all time 4X4. D30front, D44rear.tow. Skids. Cold weather group option. Loaded. 209,850 on the 97’s Odometer and thanks to my grandad for having the heart and patience to wrench with me, I plan to keep them running forever.

  92. I know that you rebuild Saginaw steering boxes, can’t figure out how else to contact you please email me. I have got two remanufactured ones from the parts house and both have slop like my old leaky one is this to be expected or can you rebuild it right?

  93. John m says:

    I have that exact same 5.2 jeep as the cheap jeep.
    considering a front axle assembly swap from a straight six jeep zj… anything I should know or should it bolt in?
    wondering if yoke may be different?

  94. Jeff says:

    Dear Jeep Master

    I have a 93 jeep cherokee base 4.0 5-speed runs strong but when Im driving it will all of a sudden stutter like it wants to die then is fine this happens in the span of a second or two then is fine again for a long time or days, or when I come to a stop sometimes it dies then I have a hard time starting but then starts and will drive fine like nothing happened but is becoming more frequent . . I just put new plugs wires rotor and cap in but is till doing it. The old plugs were clean but did need to be replaced (had normal wear) PLEASE HELP this is maddening! thanks!!!


  95. Jeff says:

    Jeep Master

    Posted on here last night Im a new member, but my post is gone?? Where did it go??


  96. Randy Casper says:

    Looking for a video of how to find out why I have water ( not anti-freeze ) on my passenger floorboard. Thanks

  97. Jeff says:

    Jeep Master

    I have not replaced the fuel filter but will if you think that could be the problem . . as good a place to start as any yes?


  98. Jeff says:

    Matt (AKA Jeep Master)

    93 Jeep Cherokee base . . update . . you suggested fuel filter could be causing stuttering wanting to die problem . . although it was way over due to have the fuel filter changed out and I did change it . . it was not the problem. The problem ended up being the IAC Idle Air Control Valve! 50 dollar part at local auto parts store . . after I changed IAC out and started it it immediately rev’d up to 2500 RPM’s and stayed there so I shut it down pulled a battery cable waited a half hour re-connected . . . started up and runs great very smooth and strong
    . . . . Life is good again thanks for your help Matt

    Ps. I read in the Cherokee blogs about high rev upon changing IAC so its key to pull a battery cable to re-set on board computer Hope this helps all the Jeep-O-Files out there

    Jeff (AKA Kermit)

  99. Bill W says:

    Matt was hoping that you could steer me to a setup info relating to a Rear Steer. Have a 89 XJ that is being configured for deep snow wheeling.

  100. SamSam says:

    I’m getting some noise from my rear axle and thinking of going with a Ford 8.8. I drive a ’98 ZJ laredo 4.0L 4×4. I’m going to look at a local Wrench-a-Part on Explorers for an axle with a 3.73 gearing since I read that is where you can find 8.8s easily.
    Any suggestions? How much welding and work do I need to do to it till I can bolt it in?

    I’m probably going to replace the bearings and seals with adding an electric locker. I’m going to keep my ZJ a daily driver with good highway gearing and tires but also very capable in snow and ice.

  101. johnny zo says:


    On your video where you install the steel tube rock sliders on the xj, it looks like you cut the pinch seam on the bottom away. Is it ok to do this structurally??

  102. Tom says:

    Hey Matt and team,
    The heater core on my 2008 Jk unlimited has failed. Rather than pulling the whole dash I was thinking of cutting the glove box and splicing in a new core – see attached.
    Please let me know if you think of this idea.
    Thnak you,

  103. I don’t know if this has ever been done or not. But how much trouble would it be to retro-fit JK axles into a MJ? Would love any advice you can share. Thanks for your time. Take care.

  104. Mike Saari says:

    I’m changing my Wrangler from the 2-piece to a 1-piece axle. What are the part numbers for the blockoff plate and the seal? The seal is a different size on the passenger side. Thanks.

    • bleepinjeep says:

      see the video description on youtube, lots of information there:

      In this video I’ll show you how to convert your older dana 30 2 piece axle shaft into the newer stronger style one piece axle shaft.

      Rusty’s Part#: ABK-12 – http://www.rustysoffroad.com/rustys-s

      (**Edit 2/18/2015 – According to “james james” of youtube – “I called east coast gear supply and the seal is specific and can’t be found in any stock jeep axle. Below are the part numbers you can get from oreilly, the 471 is what you need 471763, 11343, 11878)

      (**Edit 3/14/2017 – From Matthew S. – The part number for the new passenger side inner axle seal is NAPA 11782. The ID is 1.188 and the OD is 2.002.)

      All 1987-1995 YJ Wranglers and many XJ Cherokees came with a reverse-cut Dana 30 front axle that has a Center Axle Disconnect (CAD) feature. This can be easily identified by a medium-size cast housing integrated into the passenger side axle tube. This assembly uses a two-piece long side axle shaft that disconnects from the passenger front tire when the vehicle is in two-wheel drive.

      There are a couple of issues with this design. First, it’s not as strong as a one-piece axleshaft. Second, the vacuum-operated system often stops working for one reason or another, which leaves the vehicle stuck in two-wheel drive. Lastly, it really doesn’t serve much of a purpose because the axleshafts still spin (so there’s little reduction in drag) and the transfer case does not send engine power to the front axle in two-wheel drive anyway.Luckily, it’s easy to upgrade the two-piece design to a much stronger and more reliable one-piece design. The inner axleshaft from a TJ or non-disconnect XJ will slide right in. However, you must have a way to seal the housing in order to prevent gear oil from leaking out of the passenger side axle tube.

      **Update – Some dana 30 axles including the 1987 XJ axles have a c-clip on the inner passenger side axleshaft. If this is the case you’ll have to remove the diff cover and remove the c-clip before the inner shaft will slide out. – Update**

      **Update – From a 1990 XJ owner – After doing a 2 piece to 1 piece solid axle conversion on my own ’90 XJ, using a ’94 ZJ passenger side axle shaft to get the larger U-Joints:

      There are a few options for appropriate differential seals on the passenger side when using ’96+ XJ / TJ / ZJ shafts. Based on research on NAXJA, JeepForum, etc, there are two IDs for Dana 30 axle tubes.

      I needed the 2″ ID, with about a 1.2” axle shaft.

      Some seals and their properties:
      National 40576s from oReilly’s 1.187, 1.996
      National 473426 from oReilly’s 1.187, 1.987
      Skf 11771 Rock auto 1.188, 1.996
      Napa cr11800 1.188, 2.004

      Reference links:
      **End Update**

  105. Jim says:

    No forum board? Any plans for a Forum? You def have the audience for it. It should also relieve your team from feeling obligated to answering every question, by other forum members stepping up. Not to mention some extra revenue from sponsor ads. And we know what that means… Funding for more projects. More projects = more educational videos. Thank you guys for all your hard work!

    I tried making a few videos, but I find it hard because the MAN is watching my every move. If you guys do decide to make a forum board, will you make me a little Tin-foil hat emoticon?

  106. Terry says:

    What size tires did u run on your xj before u built the crawler

  107. Rodger Thompson says:


    I hope you can assist. I hit a semi truck tire and rim that came off the semi while driving down a highway…dang thing rolled right in front of me at 60 mph. I fixed most of the front end…then hit a deer this week. Have to start the front end repairs all over again. Your videos have been very helpful. While looking up parts (again) I noticed that a diagram/picture showed a ball vacuum canister/reservoir on the passenger side inside bumper. I cannot find anywhere to purchase one of these. I prefer to get a new one, stock or upgrade, doesn’t matter. All of the ones I look up say they are up to 1996 or they end up saying they do not fit my vehicle.

    Can you assist with directing me where to find this item for purchase?

    Also, do you have any videos on replacing or straightening out the front end grill/header panel framing? It is bent pretty good from the deer I hit.

    Thank you again for any help you can provide and for your helpful videos!


    Rodger D. Thompson

  108. Tony Watley says:

    Hi Matt,
    I have a 1999 Cherokee and just installed the Rough Country Sway bar quick disconnects. I am glad that I watched your install video due to the lower stud with a torx head but is actually a stud.
    Just wanted to say that I used a Pittman arm puller to push the stud out. It worked perfectly, and very easy.