By bleepinjeep

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  1. Sheri Madrid says:

    I have a 2001 jeep GC laredo 4×4. I am experiencing the Death wobble. I have a 3 inch lift. I watched your videos. I wish I knew about your site a few months ago. I bought this Jeep from a dealer. I don’t believe the lift was installed properly? My front end does not look like yours. I do not have a dropped pitman arm. My steering box separates away from the bar when the wheel is moved.
    Also, was wondering if you knew where my charcoal canister would be? 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee. 4.0
    I love what you are doing. THIS SITE IS AWESOME! Thank You very much!

    • bleepinjeep says:

      Thanks! Sounds like your aluminum spacer that sits next to the gearbox could be broken, I dont even know if the GC has one but the XJ does. The charcoal canister on my cherokee was on the passenger side near the firewall. It could be possible that you dont have one, I removed mine long ago.

  2. tom carden says:

    im new to cherikees…i was wandering what year doors also fit other years…i have found serveral cherokees and dont know which to pick up to start working on the half door project.

    • bleepinjeep says:

      I have had the same question and posted online to no avail. I can tell you that there are 2 body styles so all 84-96 doors will interchange. and all 97-01 will interchange… just not sure if 01 will swap with 86 and vice versa. Also, if you have a 4 door youll need another 4 door and the same with 2 door.

  3. Just posted your web site to our link page, good stuff on your site lots of information

  4. Josh says:

    Love the site and have learned a lot. I bought my Jeep with a lot of work already done on it. Bad thing is, a lot of the work already done I have to fix. My question is in regards to steering. When or at what point should I be looking to upgrade the stock steering? Should I look at going to a steering setup similar to what Serious Offroad sells?

    • bleepinjeep says:

      When you start wheeling seriously then it’s time to upgrade. Usually the first thing to happen is you’ll bend a tie rod in half. When that happens its a good time for an upgrade;)

  5. Hi, Greetings from Santiago, Chile – South America, thank you very much for your videos have been very helpful for my XJ 1989. take a look at my jeep here


  6. 0scar the jeep says:


    I own a 1990 Jeep Cherokee Laredo with an inline-6, 4.0L. engine. In your video on the cooling system,You mentioned if your fan was not working your problem might be the Electric Fan Relay. Where is the Fan relay located, and what does it look like (color and shape). How do you replace it.

    Thank You

    • bleepinjeep says:

      it is on the driver side just next to the airbox and the ballast resistor. it is square and black. just pop it off and replace it with a new or used one from the junkyard.

  7. Masarrat says:

    My LX 470 is pulling to the left while driving. I have pretty much done every thing that could possibly be done with the tires, short of replacing them. I mean i have rotated them from side to side as well as front to back. However, the car still pulls in the same direction. Some one suggested to flip the tires over, meaning the outer walls in and inner walls out. But i haven’t done that as yet because it doesn’t make much sense to me.

    What i have also tried is to check the drifting while applying brakes during normal driving but astonishingly the car does not pull while braking! So i am guessing it is not the calipers. However, i have noticed by smelling a bit of heat after driving but i thought it was the engine. Do you suggest to check heat by touching the calipers? Is there any thing else that comes to mind? Do you suggest to replace all the tires? By the way i forgot to mention one important thing that is the steering wheel which is not centered. I thought it was the alignment but had it checked at two different places and they say the alignment is fine.

    Your expert opinion is highly appreciated.


    • bleepinjeep says:

      my first guess would be that the alignment is off but you said that was taken care of. touching the calipers will burn you… after driving for a while, put your hand on the wheel, if one wheel is hotter than the others then you have a sticking caliper. But there has to be some reason why your steering wheel is not centered???

  8. Vandriver says:

    With your youtube guidance I just replaced the leaf springs in my 93 GMC Vandura 2500 – Thank you.

    I have been thinking about getting a locking rear diff vs. having the rear diff welded on the vehicle above. This is not my daily driver I’m just looking for better traction at gravel/sand boat launches as well as starting from a dead stop on snow/ice. I realize that a welded rearer diff may not travel well in snow/ice/heavy rain but would it at least help to get the vehicle moving from a dead stop in those same conditions? I have on several occasions had to jack up the rear end of the vehicle after it has been parked to chip away at ice/snow and put sand down as well as attach tire cables to get the van unstuck.

    Your advice is greatly appreciated

    • bleepinjeep says:

      theres nothing wrong with welding it if you do it right. The only cons are that it will wear your tires down very fast and people will stare at you in the gas station parking lot when you pull in and your tires are squealing!

  9. dan says:

    Hi , looking for a bit of help, hoping you know something anything about this, When it rains outside, nice and wet outside, recently my jeep is not starting , it cranks endlessly but will not start. ran all winter long and this spring , I changed the alternator and power steering pump.And that’s all the change that’s happened. I plan to change the cap and rotor here soon. I am not the original owner though. any help is appreciated , thank you

  10. Kevin says:

    I find your videos extremely helpful in most situations. I was helping out a friend with setting up a better quick disconnect system and showing him what I was using on my Jeep. When I looked at my disconnects the bottom part of the disconnect which mounts to the plate that is welded to my axle sheared off near the top. Any suggestions on how to repair this or should I just take it in to the mechanic?

  11. Bobby says:

    I have been watching a lot of different Jeeping videos trying to find what is best for my jeep (’02 Jeep TJ), and I have noticed that there has been a lot of people saying that disconnecting your “disconnects” makes for a more independant suspension controll in each. But when I do it for off roading purposes, I don’t seem to be getting near the results that I see others are getting. I thought Maybe there was more to this than just disconnects. I have a 4″ lift with 35/12.50 And now jks quicker disconnects for my front suspension. I think everything else is stock.

    • bleepinjeep says:

      Those should help a lot, are you taking both sides off and moving the bar up out of the way? On the 4″ lift, is that 4″ longer coils? Also, are you airing down?

      • Bobby says:

        Yeah, both sides are being taken off and moved out of the way. 4″ Coils and if your speaking of airing down as far as the PSI in the tires go, not yet. I need to get a small compressor first before I will. I’m up in North East United States Gotta drive long distances to find a decent trail.

  12. Diego says:

    Hey what is tha tork on de valves for my jeep wrangler yj 89 4.2

  13. derek says:

    hello I have been watching your videos and following you and you have been a big help on some of the tasks I have taken on in the past few months thanks for the videos and keep on keeping on. I have a 1991 Cherokee 6 inches of lift on 35s and was thinking of going to bigger axles any suggestions on that matter would be appreciated thanks. creeper..

  14. John says:

    Hello. I have a 1991 Wrangler and was changing the u joints on the rear drive shaft at the slip yoke (where it slides into the transfer case), and what I noticed was that the slip yoke appeared to be the same type of yoke that is found on the front drive shaft (meaning a deeper, more open face than a typical slip yoke for the rear shaft). Is it possible that both slip yokes are interchangeable? I’m finding it a tough task to replace it with an identical piece. Thanks for your time. And great videos! Been very helpful.

  15. John says:

    Parents have a 93 Cherokee Grand Laureate it’s rough. Main problem is age & sitting out side. It has the death wobble which I plan on replacing what you say in your video. I have replaced in the back what they call in mechanic book lower & upper control arms because you grab them & big chunks of rust fall off. Replaced rear brake lines to for same reason. Came across a new problem. Something keeps killing the battery which I think is the alarm system.If it sits one day & you go to start it it will start. sits two days forget it. I wanted to change the battery cables to just put new ones on but I can’t find them & making them looks like a impossiblity. I know the terminals are going to leave it sitting one day. Is there away to bypass the alarm with out cutting anything? That way if it is or is I can work on that later. Love the site!! Thank You!

    • bleepinjeep says:

      Well first clean the battery connections and tighten them down good. also, get the battery checked by an auto parts store if that doesn’t work. also, you might try and find what is causing the battery drain… if it is the alarm you should be able to pull the alarm box from underneath the dash to disable it.

      • John says:

        How big is the alarm box & what dose it look like? Is it as simple as just unplugging the harness? I’ve been starting it everyday & I have noticed just letting it run 10 or 15 minutes is all it has taken to keep it charged.

        Thank You for your Advice!

        • bleepinjeep says:

          it depend on if its aftermarket or stock… I know mine was about the size of a womens wallet and had a wire coming out of it for the antennae. You should be able to unplug it if the alarm is off.

          • John says:

            I’m pretty sure it is stock. It’s been cold & messy out right now so I haven’t wanted to be out messing with that. We did drive it today about 22 miles. It still has a nice ride. That is better than just starting it & letting it run & than turning it off. I love that v8.

            Thank You.

  16. bernardo says:

    Hey man..i just got a jeep cherokke but after the 5 min to stared the jeep turn off ….i put new spurg bluts and new cables and also put new rotor but the jeep still do the same… if u can recoment something i really said tanjs…

  17. louie m says:

    Hey Matt,

    I really enjoy watching your videos and you make it easy to watch with your good humour. I watched your starter video because I’m having issues with that area. I’m 90% sure it the NSS as this seems to be a very common issue with jeeps. I have a 2000 xj sport 4.0 and when I was watching that video I was hoping to see you repair one. Considering that is a common fault and dealers here in Canada want over $600 for a new one, I’ve found articles explaining how to refurbish your own switch. I think if you made a video it would help a great deal. I haven’t seen a repair video on youtube regarding the NSS.

    Your fan in the Great White North, eh?.

  18. frank says:

    I enjoy your videos .

  19. Brian says:

    Hi matt ,
    I love all of your videos very constructive !
    Yes I am a Englishman from the UK but have property in mountain view Ar and have been a jeep lover for many years. And was in the motor trade before retirement for 42 years. Restoring classic jaguars and race preparation and marketed speed equipment?

    I love ZJ mode

    We have lots of hard woods on our property which takes a lot of work to maintain logging, and I am also developing other parts of our land so a winch is essential, I have a 12000 Mile Marker winch. However I do need a rear winch so do I have to bite the bullet and purchase another smaller winch ! or is there an adaptor plate which would enable me to connect front or back ! This would be a great help
    To me

    Keep up the great work !

    Cheers matt

    Regards Brian

  20. xjthrasher says:

    Do you know of anyone who has eliminated their neutral safety switch? Can it be done? Does it cause problems with the transmission shifting?

  21. Kevin says:

    hey, if you can, whenever possible, make a video of how to adjust the front wiper blade position..when mine are on, the drivers side one goes halfway off the windshield and i know someday its going to catch and rip off..and i need to replace my rear wiper motor. i video on that would be awesome as well. thanks man youre the best

  22. Jael says:

    I have a 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport that is throwing a shift solenoid code. Is this something I can change? If so how do I do it? Got a video on how to do it? Your video on how to change an inline fuel filter was great. Thanks for the how to help 🙂

    • bleepinjeep says:

      if you have to ask, probably not. that is inside the transmission so if it’s having tranny problems you might want to check the fluid and then go have it checked out if that doesnt solve it.

  23. Williams Morales says:

    hi there
    I really like your page, which I’m doing fan, I’m from Chile and I have a Jeep Cherokee XJ, 1989, and as I saw that they have a bumper, I would like mine too, but I have the plane or the measures and parts to be used.
    I was wondering if they have to create my front and rear bumper, I would greatly appreciate it.

    From Puerto Huasco, Atacama, Chile

    Williams Morales Sanzana
    Me gusta mucho tu pagina, la cual me estoy haciendo fanatico, soy de Chile y tengo un Jeep Cherokee XJ, del 1989, y como vi que tienen un bumper, quisiera hacer el mio tambien, pero no tengo el plano ni las medidas y las piezas que se deben utilizar.
    Me preguntaba si las tienen para poder crear mi bumper delantero y trasero, te lo agradeceria mucho.

    Desde Puerto Huasco, Atacama, Chile

    Williams Morales Sanzana

  24. CHEROKEE-KIDD says:

    I have seen the perge valve installed one way and then the other ,upside down . Dose it matter witch way ?

  25. Camden S. says:

    I’m having some trouble with my 1990 Xj base I did a engine swap it starts but it will back fire through the throttle so I redid the timing still does it when applying the gas the idle goes up and down in between 1 & 2 rpms then it will die. I checked the egr valve works then switches the map, IAC and TPS sensor and still does it.

  26. James says:

    Hey ALL….I just picked up a 1998 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 6 cyl….I want to give this car to my daughter, but she stated steering is loose….there is about a 10 degree amount of play in the turning….(maybe less?). I want to make sure if she drives this that it is safe. What do I need to change? Any ideas….? (Car has 102K)

  27. madminker says:

    I am looking at getting into an xj to be used strictly as my hunting and trapping truck. I am unsure of how far I should go with the build. I wont be dealing with a whole lot of mud or super rough terrain, by far my biggest nemesis is the snow. So far I know that I want to go with a 4.5″ rough country N2.0 x-series lift kit and a rough country N2.0 steering stabilizer. Can I run 33″ tires with this lift or do I need to run 32″s ? I am also going to install a transfer case lowering kit. Do I or should I also have a slip yoke eliminator installed? At what point should I look into upgrading the front and rear ends? I am planning on replacing the front and rear bumpers so that I can run a winch on both front and back. I have seen the winch systems that the winch mounts on a plate that will slip into the hitch receiver so that you only need one winch. Can you recommend a certain setup?

  28. madminker says:

    I should have also said that while the this truck will be spending most of the time on back roads, 2 tracks, fire roads and will see a TON of winter use it will also need to be 100% road worthy.

  29. John says:

    I know you have chosen RC ‘s lift for this project. I am torn between RC and Iron Rock long arm kits. I’ve read quite a few posts on different forums about RC being a less quality lift in their bushings and rust issues, etc. Could you please help give me some guidance about how you came to choose RC as compared to a different company such as Iron Rock or Rusty’s and something about the longevity and reliability of RC please? Thank you for your time.

  30. John says:

    Oh, sorry – this is for the Hope Floats project.

  31. Trial_and_Terror says:

    I just installed RC 3″ lift with full leaf pack replacement on 99xj. Since maiden voyage I am getting a grinding noise when I let off the gas…Any experience with this? I was told with a 3″ I don’t need SYE or xcase drop. I changed rear drive shaft u joints. I don’t want to keep chasing a noise and throwing parts at it that are not solving the issue.

    Thanks in advance.

  32. Mike says:

    Just found your website. Great help! Daughter’s ’88 Cherokee will start and run, then die when she is driving. So far it will restart right away. I’ve changed the crankshaft position sensor. That worked for awhile. Now acting up again. Any ideas>

    By the way, NSS is acting up so will clean as per your video. Doubt that will fix the dying, but needs cleaning anyway. Thanks! Mike

    • bleepinjeep says:

      hard to say… could be a fuel pump issue as well. sounds like a wire may be touching a ground and stalling the car when it does??

      • Mike says:

        She raises it just dies, doesn’t sputter or die slowly, just dies. Sounds more like a ground? Any idea where a ground that would kill the ignition, but not shut off the other electrical things in the car? Also, she said she hadn’t hit any bumps or anything like that when it died. Any guesses? Thanks,

  33. Vernon Jones says:

    I have used your site several times to fix some items on my 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo that I have just purchased. Thanks. I have a problem. My AC works good except the air keeps switching from coming out of the vents that it is supposed to come out of to the vents that the defrost is supposed to come out of. I have the ac switch on the front vents. I have found a vacumn hose that was loose that is running along the passenger side under the hood towards the battery. I can squeeze the tube and the air will change from one vent to the other. So, I am pretty sure that this hose is the problem but I can’t find where it is supposed to run to. Can you help me?


    Vernon Jones

  34. bryan says:

    I have a 96 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo 5.2 lt. 3 inch lift,and adding 2 inch wheel spacers..How big can I go with tires without concern?? tire size is confusing!!!

  35. Vince white says:

    Listen, I am brand new to Jeeps but I have the bug and I love your stuff. I am assuming I am not your typical subscriber. I purchased a brand new jeep Grand Cherokee as a toy and I have a quick question before I go and screw things up royally.
    My first modification is to add LED lighten to the JGC and wanted to know if I drill into the front bumper rail do I need to be concerned with Airbag sensors?

  36. Tim 87 MJ says:

    Matt, love your YT videos. They have help me a lot with repairing my 87 MJ. I hope you can help me with a problem I am having. I have a 5 sp manual that I swapped from the BA10 to an AX15. I am trying to replace/switch the boots that go on the shifter. The shifter is two parts: the lower sits in the trans and the upper stick up in to the cab. I cannot separate these two. Other YT vids make it look real easy: “Just pull the two apart.” Others Jeep forums discuss prying them apart. I have had no luck separating the two pieces. I am hoping you know the secret and/or have vid on how to get them apart.

    Keep the videos coming. I am especially watching Project Tetanus.

    Thanks, Tim

  37. Nickj says:

    I have a 2000 wrangler (tj) want to put 33in tires on it and was wondering what the lift and you recomend that comes complete> I have new heavy duty adjustable track bar front and rear, spider trax 1.50in wheel spacers ( not on until needed) and don’t know about the spring spacers but there not stock. Daily driver and off road when I can. I live in putnam county N.Y. so lots of hills, so was wondering what gear ratio you suggest. Don’t want to buy something that in 2 years i’m going to regret and don’t have a ton of money. don’t know if I should do a smaller lift and a body lift or just straight up lift. Any advise would help thanks. Your videos are always a great help!!!

  38. Thomas Mudd mutt says:

    Hi I have a 96 grand cherokee with 3.73 gears 4″ lift and 2″ fender trimming. My question to all yall is I want to run 31″ tracktor tires do I need to change the gears to do this or will me stock gears be strong enough it is Not a c clip axle

  39. Cliff says:

    Thanks for all great videos! Matt, what air compressor are running in your shop? Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  40. Wallbash84 says:

    I need a repair manual for a 95 zj, any ideas on where? Every website always starts saying free but is far from it. Any clues on this treasure hunt is greatly appreciated.

  41. Paul says:

    I want to replace the window run on the front doors of my ’88 XJ (4DR). I’ve looked everywhere for a video. I saw your video on the outer seals (I’m replacing those too THX!) Will I need to remove the window to replace the run? If so, did I overlook a video from you? BTW LOVE the Scorpion.

  42. james turner says:

    I watched your vid on changing the rear main seal on a jeep cherokee 4.0 and noticed a collar at the rear of the oil pan fell out while you were taking the bolts out.What Is this part? Does have to go back in? Is just a dust shield?

  43. Rich Asbury says:

    I want to extend a set of stock control arms for my zj. I’m doing a 3″ lift. Is this possable and how much longer does each set need to be!

  44. Joe says:

    I was wondering, I am a formerly tore apart planes with my father for sometime. Some planes ran on 12 volt batteries like cars and we used them for things like cars and lawnmowers, but others run off a special 24 volt battery and recently one of these 24 volt batteries came to be mine. My question is is there a way to use the 24 volt for a jeep in anyway? (second battery setup, tandem battery, auxiliary battery etc…) I would like to use this battery for something with the Jeep. Thanks for taking the time to read this and answer if you do.

    • bleepinjeep says:

      I’m no electric expert but you need only 12 volts in a jeep otherwise things will burn up. Maybe you could regulate the voltage but I don’t really see the point in doing that.

  45. dennis hare says:

    I sure have enjoyed your videos and learned much about my new/used Cherokee. I guess you live in Oregon i am in Washington. Are you ever looking for older Cherokees for rebuilds or parts? I have a couple in my back yard an 87 and 90 4dr 4.0 with automatic transmissions. Both are stock units complete. Thanks

  46. Anton Alburez says:

    Hi. I have a 1988 Jeep Cherokee, and wanted to do a radiator swap like the 89 you did. I wanted to know if it worked the same way. Thank you.

  47. ol_skool63 says:

    Hey there Matt, I have a 2001 4WD WJ that had really bad negative camber after getting all the ball joints replaced (two of them were bad). I installed a set of bolt on spring spacers hoping to keep from ruining the tires. It helped a little but not fully. Now the tires are getting feathered. I have watched as many videos as I can about alignments but have not seen anything to help with camber issues. Am I looking at replacing the front coil springs or is there some other issue that I need to deal with? Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

  48. Christian says:

    Hi there Matt. I’m from Romania, i watch your videos on youtube, i’m a big fan of 4×4 and kind of a diy guy miself. My jeep, an 98′ zj, 4.0 recently let me down. My gearbox broke and because in my country people are scared of big petrol engines, taxes and mpg, it’s hard for me to find a transmission. My question is, the 4.0 and the 5.2 transmissions interchenge? If not what kind of gearbox should i search? I found a manual gearbox from an wrangler but it’s out of my price range. Being an american brand car, you shure know more than i do about this model. Or at least get documentation easly. Please help me with an advice, what should i search for. I like my jeep, i love trail riding, but i hate the fact that it’s broken. Thank you and keep up the good work

  49. Hey Matt I’m a big fan and just bought a zj with a bit done to it already, I’m super excited to see ur zj build. This is the first zj Ive messed with. I’ve had three xj’s so this is a bit of a change. Can’t wait to see what your gonna come up with. So let’s get to my question though. I’ve got an “orbital” Valve that came with this jeep, looks the exact same as the one you did in your video. It didn’t come with any markings for which hose goes where/what they do? I couldn’t find the instructions for it online. Says it’s an eaton corp. I’ve got a few more questions but didn’t know what’s best to reach ya. Hope to hear from ya thanks

  50. Jeremy says:

    I have a 97 jeep zj with a 4.5 lift with fixed iron rock off road control arms and i just put the rear on today and i noticed my springs look like they are on a angle and the passenger side looks like its going to blow out lol did i do somthing wrong please help thanks

  51. Zack says:

    Are y’all still at JBJ

  52. Vinny Bottitta says:

    I got my 3rd Jeep Liberty this time wish I had the cash to fix it up like you guys but one day

  53. Jonas says:

    Thanx for all videos on YT!
    I’m checking them out here in sweden as a nice evening relax.
    I have a -96 XJ uppgraded with 4″ lift longarms.
    Some people warning me to go all in on the trails cause the danger if my airbags would be triggered. Are there any risk of sutch? Any easy way to disabel them or turn them on/off? I use the car every day on road and off road so i need my bags to get the car leagaly to drive here in Sweden.
    Thanx for all inspiering videos.

    • bleepinjeep says:

      I dont like the thought of it happening and it did to me but only during a race. I think you’ll be ok as long as you dont drop nose first off a 4 foot ledge… in which case you’ll probably want the airbag!

  54. Robert says:

    I previously left a question in the comments on the angle of the dangle video. But here goes. I would like to say love the cheap Jeep series. So here goes. I ordered the 3 inch old man emu lift from quadratec. The write ups al said front is 1.5 inches…so think out of the box I bought the ACOS spring spacer to get it to 3 inches in the front. Then I watched the angle of the dangle parts 1 and 2…..hum to self I think I now know why the front was limited to 1.5 inches. Oh worth mentioning I have a 1999 base Cherokee. So now the question are there other Jeep stock control arms that could be used to get me close to normal geometry with out the cost of adjustable arms? Oh by the way thanks again for the video. I now understand the lift process on the Jeep a bit better

  55. Alvin says:

    Well I have a 89 Cherokee 4.0 well I have a bad misfire I installed new plugs wires roter tps cps new distributor fuel filter air filter checked all my vacuum lines did timing new cam sensor new idle control sensor cleaning injectors and compression test and still have a bad misfire and can’t find out why my spark plugs are black I also installed a new coil and still can’t find out why I am seeking help bad I got my engine rebuild and idk what else to do