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  1. David says:

    Do you have video of removing axle shaft with lockers?

  2. Montee says:

    Thanks alot for your video. Very helpful. Well done.

  3. Robert Jackson says:

    How to tune up a 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 ?

  4. Nuttinbuttrouble says:

    My brakes fail on hard over right turns. Had to replace bumper ,and when I did I detached the ovalvacuum line ball in the bumper hearing it hiss I plugged it back
    up to the ball but now I have brake failure help me Obi Wan you’re my only hope!

  5. Carl says:

    Do you have anything that shows how/where you go through the roof/body and keep it from leaking? I have some ideas, but I don’t want to penetrate the body in a noticeable way/area if I can help it and wanted your opinion on how to waterproof it also.

  6. Robert says:

    I have a question regarding tylers video ” how to set a pinion angle”. Why would you switch from a under leaf setup to an over leaf setup, thank you.

  7. Greybushness says:

    Hey Matt I noticed your upper and lower ball joint videos are removed what happened there I also asked you about the upper control arm bushing you replaced with the rubicon express part I was wondering how it ran for you I’m looking to replace my uppers but want something I could rely on alittle more

  8. Tim says:

    Hello Ive been dealing with P0455 EVAP system Large leak. The following has been replaced: -gas cap 2x; -purge valve solenoid; -leak detection pump;
    I still get the code, other videos show: -charcoal filter by the gas tank; -another solenoid near gas tank, charcoal filter.

    Background: -vehicle used to get the code almost any time; -now more infrequent but often enough that I cant get enough drive cycles in to be able to finish getting smog cert…

    Any ideas?



  9. Tim says:

    Im having fun battling a P0455 evap error… Do you have any videos on the EVAP system?
    And solutions for “common” codes?

  10. brad says:

    Hey man thanks for all your videos. I’ve seen some lately, maybe changing out control arms on an XJ, that you mention is part of a larger series of doing an entire lift on that same XJ. I looked around but can’t find that series on your website anywhere. Is that series finished where I can access it?

  11. Dail Bickle says:

    This is a great Video, where can I get a copy of the schematic’s of the relay & fuse box video, cant seem to find the links?

  12. George Stanley says:

    Great site, Matt. your videos are very helpful!