Dana 30 – 2 Piece to 1 Piece Axle Shaft Conversion – Part 1 of 2

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Part 1 of 2

In this video I’ll show you how to convert your older dana 30 2 piece axle shaft into the newer stronger style one piece axle shaft.

Rusty’s Part#: ABK-12 – http://www.rustysoffroad.com/rustys-s

(**Edit 2/18/2015 – According to “james james” of youtube – “I called east coast gear supply and the seal is specific and can’t be found in any stock jeep axle. Below are the part numbers you can get from oreilly, the 471 is what you need 471763, 11343, 11878)

(**Edit 3/14/2017 – From Matthew S. – The part number for the new passenger side inner axle seal is NAPA 11782. The ID is 1.188 and the OD is 2.002.)

All 1987-1995 YJ Wranglers and many XJ Cherokees came with a reverse-cut Dana 30 front axle that has a Center Axle Disconnect (CAD) feature. This can be easily identified by a medium-size cast housing integrated into the passenger side axle tube. This assembly uses a two-piece long side axle shaft that disconnects from the passenger front tire when the vehicle is in two-wheel drive.

There are a couple of issues with this design. First, it’s not as strong as a one-piece axleshaft. Second, the vacuum-operated system often stops working for one reason or another, which leaves the vehicle stuck in two-wheel drive. Lastly, it really doesn’t serve much of a purpose because the axleshafts still spin (so there’s little reduction in drag) and the transfer case does not send engine power to the front axle in two-wheel drive anyway.Luckily, it’s easy to upgrade the two-piece design to a much stronger and more reliable one-piece design. The inner axleshaft from a TJ or non-disconnect XJ will slide right in. However, you must have a way to seal the housing in order to prevent gear oil from leaking out of the passenger side axle tube.

**Update – Some dana 30 axles including the 1987 XJ axles have a c-clip on the inner passenger side axleshaft. If this is the case you’ll have to remove the diff cover and remove the c-clip before the inner shaft will slide out. – Update**

**Update – From a 1990 XJ owner – After doing a 2 piece to 1 piece solid axle conversion on my own ’90 XJ, using a ’94 ZJ passenger side axle shaft to get the larger U-Joints:

There are a few options for appropriate differential seals on the passenger side when using ’96+ XJ / TJ / ZJ shafts. Based on research on NAXJA, JeepForum, etc, there are two IDs for Dana 30 axle tubes.

I needed the 2″ ID, with about a 1.2” axle shaft.

Some seals and their properties:
National 40576s from oReilly’s 1.187, 1.996
National 473426 from oReilly’s 1.187, 1.987
Skf 11771 Rock auto 1.188, 1.996
Napa cr11800 1.188, 2.004

Reference links:
**End Update**

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