Thanks for considering becoming a BleepinJeep partner!  It’s harder than it looks, but if you insist here is what we need from you:

We would be happy to consider you as a partner.  The first thing you should do is give it a shot, think of it as your audition or resume.  For how-to’s – the videos need to be HD with good lighting, well thought out, on point, and camera on a tripod.  For wheeling vids, the videos need to be on a monopod or shot with a steady hand, have a sense of adventure or high horsepower action.  Surely you’ve seen enough of our videos to know what we’re looking for.  So try making your first video and upload it to youtube as an unlisted video and send us the link to  If it is good, we will be in touch.

If accepted we have 2 options. We can offer 50% of all your videos youtube earnings or you can choose to promote your website in lieu of earnings. With both options, you can still make videos for your own channel if you choose, but we do require at least 1 video per month for the BleepinJeep channel. We already have the following so you’ll get instant views, fans, and revenue.

Remember, we are looking for those of you who want to be a part of the team and make regular contributions to the channel… not just one and done. Please don’t mention BleepinJeep in your audition video, that way you can still use the vid elsewhere if it doesn’t make the cut. Walk around videos of your own rig are not what we are looking for.

Let us know if you have any questions.



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