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Thanks for considering becoming a BleepinJeep partner!  It’s harder than it looks, but if you insist here is what we need from you:

We would be happy to consider you as a partner.  The first thing you should do is give it a shot, think of it as your audition or resume.  For how-to’s – the videos need to be HD with good lighting, well thought out, on point, and camera on a tripod.  For wheeling vids, the videos need to be on a monopod or shot with a steady hand, have a sense of adventure or high horsepower action.  Surely you’ve seen enough of our videos to know what we’re looking for.  So try making your first video and upload it to youtube as an unlisted video and send us the link to  If it is good, we will be in touch.

If accepted we have 2 options. We can offer 50% of all your videos youtube earnings or you can choose to promote your website in lieu of earnings. With both options you can still make videos for your own channel if you choose, but we do require at least 1 video per month for the BleepinJeep channel. We already have the following so you’ll get instant views, fans, and revenue.

Remember, we are looking for those of you who want to be a part of the team and make regular contributions to the channel… not just one and done. Please don’t mention BleepinJeep in your audition video, that way you can still use the vid elsewhere if it doesn’t make the cut. Walk around videos of your own rig are not what we are looking for.

Let us know if you have any questions.



  1. Appo Apodaca says:

    I have a 1998 Grand Cherokee Unlimited 5.2L 4 x 4. My questions I need to tow it
    to Texas so my brother can build my a front and read bumper and I have no idea how
    to tow it there on the Interstate (i Live in Florida). I don’t want to rent a dolly. Will I
    able to do this town with my V8 dodge truck?

  2. Alex Soto says:


    Would love to see a How To front and rear axle gearing change and upgrade/rebuild

  3. Christopher Smith says:

    Question: My jeep goes out of gear from time to time. It only seems to do it in the morning before it is really warmed up (if that makes sense). I put it into L2 then back into Drive and it catches again. Any suggestions as to what i should look for? I have a 1993 Jeep YJ w/165k on it.


    • Rob Wimer says:

      would like to see what lockers are good for hp 30 for street and offroad also would like to see video how to do gear chance without the dial in Decatur and high dollar tools

  4. eduardo arroyo says:

    hey Matt! have a question. i have a 1993 jeep Cherokee xj 187k miles. recently some woman at my job asked me if i wanted some part from her jeep 1996 Cherokee xj also. shes getting rid of it something wrong with the engine. u think her suspension parts from her jeep might be useful for my jeep? my suspension parts are really worn out(previous owner) well basically i wanted to know up to what year can i remove parts from? thanks

    by the way i love your youtube channel it has helped me out with other parts or even changing more things into it. you have been very helpful.

    • bleepinjeep says:

      they are all the same on XJ’s. New suspension parts arent all that expensive though… But if you have the room, maybe you should take the whole Jeep.

      • Shawn says:

        I have a 1998 XJ that the motor blew, I put a 1996 motor in the 1998 jeep and Iam having problems getting started, I have fire and fuel but still will not run. Do I have to change the computer also.

  5. ROB says:

    yes i saw your video on you-tube on the “REAR CARGO DIVIDER” and i was wondering if you might be willing to make one to sell minus the big hole for the tire. just email me and let me know, i am unable to do work like this being i lack the tools and space too.i would be willing to pay for the material, shipping as well as your labor. just let mw know what you think, and how much it would cost.

    i found you videos while looking for something else. and since then i cant quit watching them.

  6. Patricia LeBoeuf says:

    I have a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0L. inline 6 ………. I have been working on the jeep for quite some time and still yet to get my heater and A/C to work …………….. I know my heater don’t work ….. can you help me plz

  7. sean porter says:

    i recently bought a 1991 jeep cherokee briarwood that im planning on building up after deployment. one of my first projects i wanted to do was go to a salvage and find another motor, transmission, and transfer case due to the high mileage and the lack of care the previous owners gave it i would like to see a how would you do a master rebuild on a 4.0 high output inline six keep in mind i have never torn a motor completely apart

  8. Matt says:

    Hey i need help i have a 89 cherokee and i have a shudder on the front passenger side when im in reverse did both u joints in front could it be a hub bearing if anyone can help with ideas what to look for that would be great

  9. corey morrison says:

    I have a 99 Cherokee 4.0 that I am changing the rear axle in and I don’t know how to get the new centering pin in the new rear (it didn’t come with the pin in the rear.) any help is greatly appreciated. thank you.

  10. yeng says:

    hi there i was wondering if you can do a video on change oil pan gasket…. its hard to take off i am lost i have a 96 jeep cherokee

  11. Anthony says:

    whats up matt…..well i have a questions … how can i remove my track bar in my 1990 xj larado 4door auto? when i get my socket on the bolt turns the whole piece and the nut wont draw out from the cause……..???any ideas… ? well thanks


  12. Charley says:

    I did the S-10 bastard packs on my ’99 XJ using your YouTube videos as a guide. I got about 3″ of lift, but I need about another inch, and I am already getting some driveshaft wobble when in higher gears (mostly) on the freeway. I think I am going to do alignment wedges and RE Boomerang shackles this weekend. That should put the rear at about 4 to 4.5″ of lift. Are alignment wedges the right / best solution to fix the wobble, and what degree should I be looking at using?

    Thanks for your help,

    • bleepinjeep says:

      Possibly, you might also think about a t-case drop or SYE.

      • Charley Ray says:

        Yeah … I did 6 degree wedges and RE Boomerang shackles last weekend. Wedges helped the shimmy on the highway a little, but shackles made low speed shimmy worse. Gonna have to drop the T-case, I think. Any recommendations on a drop kit? What is the function and pros / cons of an SYE? Any favorites there?

        Thanks again,

  13. A.Trizzy says:

    Howdy! Any video tutorials on the air-locker systems in Wrangler Rubicon models? General maintenance, troubleshooting and whatnot?

  14. jim heffinger says:

    Like you videos very much!

    I have a 96 Jeep Cherokee Country. The valves are taping pretty loud, is there anything I can do to fix this.

    Thanks – Jim

  15. anthony says:

    Do you have a video on how to install an Aoogah horn ?

  16. ERIC REBILLARD says:


  17. Robert Tate says:

    I just want to say thank you, I know that what you doing takes time and effort that you don’t have to put out there for a person who has problems with their vehicle, but for a person like myself i just bought an old Jeep Cherokee Laredo and got some issues with vacuum lines and sluggish idle. This is been the best place that i have found on the enter net that really talks about my vehicle particularly SO THANK YOU for what you are doing, and if you can i need to see where the vacuum lines hook ups are located

  18. Mario Coria says:

    What kind of paint is on the zombie jeep?

  19. Ed says:

    Hi Matt great site. thanks for your videos.

    How do I order a T shirt.



  20. Ed says:

    Sorry forgot to mention, shipping to Australia,


  21. Ed says:


    I am going to change the evaporator and heater core in my XJ 1998.

    I would appreciate if you have any info on how to pull the dash out and get to the HVac unit,

    thank you,


  22. hi,
    can you tell me if i can put 33’s on my stock jeep wrangler jk wheels? theyre 17’s w 6.25 back spacing.
    id like to know if i can put 33’s on my jeep without adding a lift or spacers (low funds) and if there will be any problems w rubbing etc.
    any help would be great.
    thanks so much

  23. Bobby says:

    I warn you, this will be long. Jeep Wrangler TJ ’02 6Cyl straight 4.0 Liter.

    I am having electical problems tha I can not for the life of me (good thing im not trying to save my life) find any solutions to online, and people hardly listen in person.

    Inconsistant, unpredictable fluttering/flashing/total loss/guage failure/engine dies etc… There are so many different symptoms, but one thing is consistant, and that is its always the same things effected, that is, anything electrical.

    Battery tests 14.7 volts (on)
    Alternator, same

    What triggers events?
    – after vehicle warms up after about 15minutes of idle time (most rare waytocause symptoms)
    -Putting my vehicle into reverse, then putting it into drive… After that, every time I push on my breaks usually the radio resets, guages flatline, lights flicker, and dash warning lights will flutter in and out of power, then headlights will go, and if im lucky it all turn back on.
    -using blinker after initial warmup or backup procedure described above will cause radio to reset and lights to flicker
    -and most recently, but also most strange, and quite possibly the answer, when i turn on my vehicle, stand on the other end of it and jump up and down on it like a feather on a calm day in the middle of summer after a walk on the beach.. The light flicker, in otherwords, i barely have to wiggle my vehicle to make the lights flutter. I thought there might be a short, but im not totally convinced. Besides the fact, where are all the grounds located? Even though the alternator checks good in a voltage test, does that give rule it out of the equation?

    I do infact hear a small abrasive whirring sound from alternator.

    if it is a loose connection, how could extremely small wiggling cause such a large effect to the entire jeep! It just seems too hidden to find.

    • bleepinjeep says:

      sounds like you have some serious issues… I would think thats an electrical gremlin. maybe a short or several shorts and or bad grounds. Have you checked your battery connections? Those gremlins can be very hard to find, you might just have to inspect every wire inch by inch or start doing some testing with a multimeter.

    • Mark says:

      Had a similar problem that turned out to be positive battery cable. It was corroded inside the cable about an inch from the top.

  24. Jim says:

    Just picked up some pristine lighted mirrored sun visors at the junkyard. My ’94 XJ is not wired for the visors. How about a how-to video on how to wire htem in?

  25. stephen says:

    hey matt. I have a 1988 jeep xj I want to do a 4in lift. im gonna take it offraod alttle but its a daily driver. what parts do you recommend..

    thank you


    PS your videos are a huge help thank you

  26. IsomRonA says:

    Hey Matt! I love the site! I would have spent way too much on way too little for my Cherokee if I hadn’t stumbled on your site.. But I’m starting to do my build with right decisions because you have broken down the builds to understandable information. Donation sent because you are spending the time to make things easy for us! You have a fan!


  27. Landon says:

    Hey matt. Can you make a video for cutting and folding the fenders for a Cherokee? Or if you can refer to me another source for that info that would be cool too. Thanks

  28. Cindy says:

    I have a 1995 jeep sport That crank but won’t fire up. When I was driving it last it died then start up again but it will only go into reseve what can it be????

  29. Yolanda Hernandez says:

    hi their I am having a problem with my 1990 jeep Cherokee. It started yesterday, today went to take my son too school and wouldn’t start. Lights and all that come on no clicking , no turnover Nada. Please help me. What’s my jeeps issue. Thank you

    • bleepinjeep says:

      Either a bad battery, bad starter, or just a bad connection at the battery. Try wiggling the connection and see if it will start, if not try whacking the starter with a hammer while someone else starts it. If you have a meter you’ll want to check the battery before you do any of that.

  30. Nick says:

    I have a 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport, usually in the wet and a day or 2 after when I come to a stop and the front end goes down it makes a loud knock and when it comes back up does the same also does this when I hit a bump but for the most part only when I stop and go. Thanks for the videos!!!

  31. Nickj600 says:

    Hey Matt, I got a 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport, in the rain and a day or so after when coming to a stop and my front end goes down it makes a loud clank noise and does the same when coming back up. I’m not slamming on the brakes or anything like that. U-joints look good. Not sure if I’m doing this right I posted this yesterday and when I checked last night it was there and today it was gone. Thanks for the videos!!!!

  32. James Mestrich says:

    I’ve got a 1992 jeep Comanche eliminator and it wont run I’ve got spark I’ve got fuel and good pressure. I pulled the air filter hose and sprayed in some ignition fluid and it fires right up it wont run on its own. ??????

  33. keith says:

    Help , I have that one xj , you know the one . No matter what I try to upgrade stuff just don’t fit. My latest adventure is , one I have the 91 TWO door , finally found another in a salvage yard, seats are perfect , mine not so much. Problem is the donor jeep is a 98 ,and apparently they changed bracket and how they mount some where in 95/96 , has ANYONE made mods to accommodate newer seat/brackets , thanks in advance

  34. Rick says:

    Do you have any vids on, sanding, priming, and painting? I’ve got a 99 Cherokee that has a roof and hood that look pretty rough. Thanks for all ya’ll do!

  35. Anthony says:

    Hey Matt. I’ve got a ’87 XJ and the sun visors are designed totally different inside than the ones you did the re-upholstery video on. I’m in the process of using the mount/pivot bar from my visors to build tinted and extended visors out of a .25″ thick acrylic sheet. Have you considered adding a “how to” area on Bleepinjeep where we can submit step by step write-ups on mods we come up with? I have been documenting the process via pictures. BTW, I am buying a ’95 two door parts XJ in a couple of days, and will probably try out the re-upholstery method you demonstrated on those sun visors, assuming they are the plastic, clip together style you used in your video. Love the videos man! Keep up the good work.

    • bleepinjeep says:

      Thats a good idea, I hadn’t thought of that. I’m more into video but if there was enough interest I might think about a writeup section… as long as it didnt add too much to my workflow

      • Anthony C says:

        I can see how that would add a lot of work to your efforts, as you would start getting into the blog business. But with the quality and appeal of the info your site shares, I would count on your site becoming even more of a “go to” for a lot of Jeepers. Either way, you have done quite well and we all appreciate it.

      • Chris says:

        Hey matt, I have a 94 yj and I put the 2000 grand Cherokee intake manifold on it which wasn’t bad but my problem now is the ps pump and belt don’t seem to fit correctly. Do you happen to know if there’s a bracket/ tensioner or both I need to use to make everything work like it used to?

        Thank you

  36. Brian says:

    Matt, I am in the process of making a D-Box ( for my truck, simply because i bought all the parts before I saw your relay switch box vid. And I was wondering if you would make a video on the best way to hook up a winch. i.e., is it better to wire it straight to the battery for power or to a power source coming out of a D-Box or Spod type switch set up? Thanks for the awesome entertaining videos. Keep up the good work!


  37. Jared says:

    Hey Matt, I have been chasing oil leaks around on my 99 Cherokee Classic. Narrowed it down to the Oil Filter Housing O-ring and Rear Main Seal. Just replaced the Oil Filter O-ring Rear Main when it warms up. Since these are common oil leak areas might be a new video idea for you or someone on your channel.

    Love the videos Keep them coming. Hopefully you are enjoying your insulated garage looks like the weather turned crappy for you.

  38. Alex Gomez says:

    Hey Matt I have a question. Did you have a throttle body spacer on your green jeep? The one you’re getting rid of. If so, did you upgrade your throttle body to a HO one or how did you get it on?

  39. nathan says:

    How much lift can an xj have before you need to start upgrading the gears?

    • bleepinjeep says:

      lift has nothing to do with gear, its about the tire size. anything above 31″ will start to slow down on the highway without new gears.

      • Brogan says:

        So i found this out after getting a great deal on some 32s. Found Tyler’s video on gearing super helpful. The one question i have though is once inused the formula, I’m equally from 3.73 and 4.10. So is it better to be higher or lower? Especially if i need to go back to 29s for a bit, is it bad to run 29s (on xj) on 3.73 or 4.10 (more likely if i use 33s) if standard gears are 3.55. Hopefully that makes sense… Thanks- Brogan

  40. Lance says:

    Hi Matt,
    How can you test the electric fan on a 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport.

  41. Mishal says:


    I’m planning to install progressive coil spring brand like TGC, Carli or Thuren. It will level the truck 2.5″-3″ but I heard that will make some issues with the drive shaft angle like vibration. So what do you recommend to me please. My truck is 2012 ram 2500 laramie 4×4 hemi 5.7 long bed.
    Best regards.

  42. mathew says:

    do i need to replace the coil springs if i want to make a bastard pack?

  43. dan says:

    Hey Matt, i wanted to let you know , i had to perform the s10 hybrid leaf spring combo. The leafs finally broke and i was in a jam. Got some s10’s and new eyelets off a cherokee, All the spring places told me to get new hardware though, it wasn’t safe reuse the ubolts and the nova bolt, they said , anyway. It all worked out , it even raised the backend about 3 inches.
    what a difference, the car handles better now and gives the shocks a chance to work. wish i had some pictures now that i am writing this. Gave it a coat of expoxy paint and they look new. The front looks a little down now maybe i should give it an inch lift. not to high, right. Or else i will be buyin lot’s more stuff. Anyway thanks for those vids , they gave me the idea. I think the stock leafs off the cherokee are under engineered.

  44. dabeamish says:

    I have a 2001 jeep xj cherokee and am wanting to lift it. I love the acos coil spacers (love how its adjustable) and am even thinking about getting coil springs for the front lift. I am looking for something for the rear lift but thats also adjustable. I have searched and came up short, I have noticed another jeep (I believe it was a TJ) that had acos coil spacers for the rear. Will those fit on an ’01 xj??? or do you have any other recommendations?

  45. Nuttinbuttrouble says:

    Hey Matt ! I had a minor fenderbender over the winter andhad to change front bumper I unplugged the oval plastic cylinder and now my brakes hit the floor unpredictably how do I remedy this problem please I don’t want another fender bender

  46. nick says:

    Hello, I have a 95 jeep grand Cherokee with the in line 6, I’m having a starting issue. My starter is good, so is battery, and all relays. When I turn the key, it’s like the truck doesn’t realize it’s in acc mode, none of the lights Come on, and gages don’t move, but the back lighting is on. As I try to start it, all I hear is the click from the relay. Can you give me some suggestions on where to go next. I have replaced the ignition, thinking it may not be making contact, also replaced the pcm, thinking it failed due to moisture.

  47. Cameron says:

    I have a 98 XJ that i am replacing a hood on. there are 2 square panels above the hood, close to the windshield on either side of the jeep. i need to replace these as well due to damage to them but i cant find them for sale anywhere. I’m not sure the exact name for them otherwise i would be able to search online. I also am clueless on how to replace them. Any help would be great. thanks!

  48. Bob says:

    Hey Matt. I have a 89 Cherokee pioneer 4.0. It starts just fine for a couple of days and then it won’t start. If it sits for a couple of hours it starts up again. I’ve replaced the fuel pump, CPS, coil, plugs, wires, cap and rotor. Do you have any other suggestions that I may look into. Very frustrating. thanks.

  49. Adrian says:

    I’m in the middle of wiring my own fuse and relay box, however video become private on youtube and I can’t finish it now. Is there another way to get access to it. I really want to finish it so I can wire in my off road lights and other accessories I have waiting.

  50. jay says:

    Matt, what coil spring will work for an XJ and give it a bit of lift. I don’t want to start replacing track bars or anything else .

    Will a WJ or TJ do the job? Just an inch or two. Thanks

  51. stephen says:


    great vids. i have a 2001 cherokee and i think i need new O2 sensors, can you make a video about that?


    invermere, bc

  52. sam workman says:

    I have an 88 xj 5speed d30 front d35 rear. My buddy is parting out his 96 xj with d30front and c8.25 rear. I’m gonna buy them off him since he has 355 gears and I just have 307s but my question is the 96 front end a basic bolt in and done or what??? Bc the 88s 2piece and stuf

  53. Chris says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’m putting a set of G2 placer rear axle shafts in my ’07 JK. Dana44 non-rubicon 35 spline with ARB air locker. I recycled the old shafts without checking the spacing on the tone rings. Would you happen to know how far to press the tone rings on or how far away from the flanges the rings sit?


  54. James says:

    So I own ’96 Cherokee XJ and the gauge cluster installed is one with the dummy lights. I’ve been searching for a gauge cluster with the actual information dials like the one installed on Bleepin Jeeps video that featured your gauge clusters. I haven’t come across one online but i think I just found a website that sells it brand new. here is the link to the product:–4-Speed-Automatic-AW4/VOLTMETER–1988-90/6799061/83505413.html

    I’m just wondering if you could tell me if this is the entire gauge cluster than I’m looking for and if it will be compatible with my ’96 Cherokee XJ. By the way, the reason I’m looking for a new one is because the odometer and the speedometer don’t work anymore on the one I have

  55. Ed Robinson says:

    I’m a big fan. Thanks for your great work.

    I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot about louvers in the hoods of XJs to control engine heat. Is this worth doing or just the latest fad?

    You might consider a video on the pros and cons, sources of kits and installation. Things like how to size them, will your engine drown in the rain, etc.

    I don’t see them on your jeeps so I gotta wonder.


  56. Jennifer says:


    I have a 2000 tj Jeep Wrangler sport. I have a horrible death wobble. Sooooo I replaced the ball joint , tie rod and now replacing the track bar and drag link. Here’s the problem. I bought a new steering stabilizer however the new currie drag link only has the hole for the tie rod to connect too. Please help!! Is it ok to not have a steering stabilizer and how do I do an alignment on it with out? These might be stupid but yes I am doing all this work myself so learning this. Also what’s your opinion on transmission leak. I have a rubber seal on the pan but thinking about doing the silicon? Any thoughts?? Lastly how do I re thread the ball joint?? It looks like the threads on the top are dented so the bolt will not thread??

    Any help will be greatly appreciated

  57. Bad dog says:

    I have a 93 xj and when I first got it the hydraulic clutch went out. when I tried to bleed it and check it I found that I could not bleed the clutch at all. I took it to a garage and they replaced the entire system. When I talked them they told me what a huge pain it as to bleed out the clutch. I watched a lot of youtube trying to find some info but there were no full videos on bleeding a clutch or replacing any parts of the clutch. I am sure a ton of people would appreciate some vids on this subject. If this is such a pain to do it is a serious problem when you are out in the woods alone and can’t get air out of your system.

  58. Ryan Lloyd says:

    I recently changed my YJ steering gear box to the 99 Durango box. It is supposed to be a better box and it bolted right up with no problems. However, my steering wheel is MUCH harder to turn now. Any thoughts on something I may have done wrong?

  59. Monty says:


    I have a 1992 XJ with 365k miles on it. I recently replaced the tierod and draglink with one from a 1998 ZJ (V8) and noticed there is a plastic ring/seal on the axle behind the wheel hub assembly. One of them is loose and one is not. I’ve been looking around but I can’t find any information on replacing these parts or what exactly they do. I think based on what I’ve learning they are the front right/left “Slinger” but beyond that I don’t know much.
    What can you tell me about them- importance and possible replacement?



    • bleepinjeep says:

      it it’s plastic I think your talking about the axle shaft slinger thats just at the axle tube on the shaft. You can replace those with aftermarket outer axle tube seals.

      • Monty says:

        I looked around and it seems like Alloy USA makes aftermarket seals. I appreciate the help, I am a fan and have used your videos as reference for lots of jeep projects. Thanks again!



  60. jay says:

    hello, Matt. I would be really nice to know your opinion. Using the heavier duty brake and suspension components of a JK or WK. Specifically the knuckle, rotor, caliper, draglink, tierod, and the then well your damper will be different. Others say they get better braking, stability.

    What are your thoughts, not necessarily looking for your to do a video on this topic.

    I have always thought my braking has been a little week, i have to continually adjust the back brakes, then again i wish i had back disc brakes and then that would fix it………………….

    Let me know please thank you sincerely

  61. John Bubon says:

    I’m a disabled vet on a fixed income. I need an 4.0 engine for a 1997 Jeep XJ. A friend has a good running 4.0 from a 1993 Grand Cherokee. Will the eninge swap from work?

  62. Mike says:

    Still having problems with our 88Cherokee, but your video for tested ECU/ECM’s has given me quite a few ideas! Thanks, Mike

  63. Levy says:

    Man.. I need to come apprentice at yer garage 😉 Thanks for all the vids, wealth of knowledge. Finally got my first Jeep ’97 Cherokee sport 2 door 4wd. Was watching as many vids as I could while I was in the VA hospital for 2 months for major surgery, and I learned a ton. Now that I am back home, its fixin up this bleepin Jeep;) Still working on getting my strength back to break free some difficult bolts, but doing ok. Thanks again for your efforts. I need to find some of those epic trails you filmed 😉

  64. Dan says:

    Hey Matt, my buddy and I are both approaching time for a coolant flush on our tjs and we don’t know how the hell to do it! And there are no videos on YouTube that can really help us! And chance you could do one in the near future?

  65. Mike LoGrande says:

    Hi Matt. Just wanted to say I just purchased a set of Ranchos for my 1999 WJ. I thought they were supposed to be good Very disappointed. There’s nothing to them! I can push them in and out with ease! The old shocks had more resistance than the Rancho’s and were on the vehicle for about 8 years! Have you experienced any problems with them or have you noticed a decline in quality?

  66. Vernon Jones says:

    Just got the AC going in my 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and now I wet passenger front and rear floor boards. I am sure it is condensation from the AC. I have not begun to look for it so I thought I would ask if you have any suggestions on where to begin?


    Vernon Jones

  67. Ryan says:

    Hey Matt I have a question I got a 1990 jeep Cherokee and did the radiator conversion would I still need to put in the reserivor ? P.s your video was really useful

  68. Matt from nj says:

    You seem to be a wizard at fixing these jeeps you purchase. Since your video magic is as good as your mechanic skills, I have a request for a new video based on my current problem. While replacing my rear brake lines on a 2000 xj, the main metal brake line broke and leaked all the brake fluid onto my driveway. Can you create a video demonstrating how to replace the line? Thanks for considering this DIY.

  69. Dever says:

    Hey Mat,

    I have a 91 xj. Currently attempting to get rid of the front CAD by following your videos. The collar you are unsure if you should remove in video two, I need to remove. My newer axle is a little too big to slide through. Did you ever find out if that piece is removable? If you did, how would you recommend doing it?


    • bleepinjeep says:

      I forget how it sits in there but I would assume that you’ll take the driver side shaft out and the carrier and then pound it out from the other side. or maybe you could use a slide hammer with a crazy attachment from the passenger side.

  70. Mike Lombardi says:

    Matt, having a problem with my 98 xj’s instrument cluster the lights would go out and gauges would stop working .then if i banged on the dash above the cluster or hit a good bump it would all come back on. That worked a for a while now the lights on the cluster work fine but the needles on all the gauges won’t work. I have cleaned and tightened the connections to the cluster .that didn’t work.I sent the cluster out to be rebuilt/fixed they sent it back saying it was not repairable they said it had a hardware problem. So I bought and installed another cluster and that one is doing the same thing. Have you ever come across this problem ? Any suggestions on what to try next.

    Thanks, Mike

  71. Matt Sasser says:

    I was thinking about taking the carpet out of my 96 xj and bed-lining the floor with floor mats on top of that but i was worried about the heat increase ive seen some people say it gets so hot it will melt the floor mats (which i don’t believe) i drive me jeep probably 3 to 4 days a week about 20 miles each day on the highway and every once in a while ill drive it to the lake (about 70 miles) so my question is would the heat be to much to stand or will it be fine to do

    • bleepinjeep says:

      the reason it happens is because you’ll go over a rock and knock the muffler and cat up close to the floorboard. then the floor gets very hot, yes it has happened to me and yes it has melted the floorboards. but if you keep the exhaust away from the floor then you should be ok.

  72. Mark King says:

    My Son bought a 2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ 6 cylinder inline. We have been going over all fluids for good maintenance. Found no fluid in transfer case, fixed output seal, now (I believe) keeps shifting in neutral when in 2WD in D or R causing a vibrating sound with no power in drive train. He drove it 500 miles in 2WD before fixing seal and adding fluid. So is the transfer case malfunctioning due to new pressure? Any fixes beyond replacing transfer case? Could it be a simple linkage problem?

    • mark says:

      Long process of independent evaluation and four tows finds that the service company that put in the output seal forgot the spring clip that holds the shaft in place. After a few miles the shaft started slipping and grinding teeth. Kudos to the place for being honest when they reviewed the work themselves. The service company has insurance and is paying for a re-built transfer case. Yes I will continue doing business with that service company because they don’t work on commission, generally they do great work, and they are HONEST 🙂 So if you have an output seal done, ask if they put back the spring clip before you drive off.

  73. TANK says:

    Ran across your vid on rear axle removal very well done and most informative. Thank you for your help.

  74. Alex says:

    do you have a video for removing the bumper so one can remove the floating well nuts on a 2001 Jeep Cherokee

  75. Jon says:

    Hey I recently bought a ’94 YJ project (beware what you ask for). I brought it to a shop i trust to find out how long my list was going to be, and he said that I need a new axle set for the front. How do you diagnose that? Love the videos BTW. Thank you for taking the time to explain what you are doing with what parts. I am a noob and YouTube mechanic so ill take all the education i can get.

  76. Steven says:

    Hello ^~^ I have an 05 tj and I just put on a 4in lift with a 1in body spacer lift on it. And I just relocated my tranny cooler up front. And I my brake line extensions are rubbing against my control arms. And my tranny cooler hoses are rubbing also on some parts. What would be a good idea. To keep them from running. And still have the ability to go offroading. And flex also? I heard there were springs you can buy. To help keep them up and still be able to flex. But I can’t find any.

  77. Nate says:

    How come there is no zj love in your store?

  78. Marcos says:

    Hey Matt I have a 94 jeep Cherokee with the 4.0 38” tires what’s your view on using it as a daily driver ?

  79. White Shadow says:

    Have a 95 xj, when I pull off fast I hear a creaking sound underneath. It doesn’t happen any other time. Any ideas?

  80. Dan says:

    Hey Matt how has your Dad liked the rough country long arms?thinking about getting just the LA control arms for my TJ. Have the bushing held up and has it rusted at all?

  81. BPTigers says:

    Hi. I need your help please. I have a 96 XJ country 6 cylinder. 123k miles.
    It runs great. Went out yesterday & jeep would not start. Tries to turn over but
    Won’t. Pump gas pedal a few times & it starts. Runs great & idles fine. Try to start later in the day, no problem. Next day , won’t start. Pump gas pedal & it starts.
    Any clue as to what this may be? It happens intermittently. Besides this issue, my jeep runs great. This just started happening, so I’d like to try & fix it before it gets cold. I’m going to change the fuel filter this weekend. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  82. BPTigers says:

    Need your help please. I have 96 XJ with 123k miles. It runs great. Yesterday I go to start it & the jeep tries to turn over but won’t. I pump the gas a few times while trying to start it & it starts. Idles fine & runs strong. Start the jeep later on , no Issues. Runs great. This morning jeep, won’t start, pump gas & fires up. Problem is intermittent. Going to change fuel filter but any idea what may be causing this? Jeep runs great other than this. Like to try & get it figured out before it gets too cold. Thanks

    • bleepinjeep says:

      does sound like a fuel issue, maybe the pressure regulator or a pressure leak causing the fuel to drain back to the tank and cause it to take a while to start.

      • BPTigers says:

        Thanks for your reply. Just that means a lot. Where is the pressure regulator located? Is it hard to replace & how would I go about
        Checking for a pressure leak?

        Thanks again for the help!!

  83. kenyon wallace says:

    i need help. i had my chasis straighten. they had to remove the fuel tank. now my jeep is miss firing… when i accelerate, it stalls, when i reach a bump, it dies. dont know what the problem is. any advice. im all the way from belize. in the caribbean. o i forgot, the jeep was not doing this before the chasis work.

  84. Trey says:

    1996 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 4×4 – I’m changing the fuel pump and having a real difficult time getting it back in. I really want to take it out, but I can’t seem to get the fuel pump electrical connector to separate from the other half. I moved the red tab over and I don’t know if there’s something else I have to do to get it apart.
    Any ideas?

  85. Brandon says:

    Hi new member to bleepinjeep watched most of your vidioes in my spare time. Anyway quick question i see you use alot of rough country, jcr, and a few other well known brands but no Rustys products just curious as to why.

  86. Jerry says:

    Like your rear quarter video and been thinking about doing but can not find a stock rear bumper end cap? I have a 2000 classic and it has the rap around end cap that will no longer be able to use if i do this mod, then my stock bumper looks like hell?

  87. Alonso Espinoza says:

    The temperature gauge doesnt move and i have tried to look for the coolant temperature sensor on my jeep cherokee classic 99. if any knows please help

  88. Tim 87 MJ says:

    Matt, love your YT videos. They have help me a lot with repairing my 87 MJ. I hope you can help me with a problem I am having. I have a 5 sp manual that I swapped from the BA10 to an AX15. I am trying to replace/switch the boots that go on the shifter. The shifter is two parts: the lower sits in the trans and the upper stick up in to the cab. I cannot separate these two. Other YT vids make it look real easy: “Just pull the two apart.” Others Jeep forums discuss prying them apart. I have had no luck separating the two pieces. I am hoping you know the secret and/or have vid on how to get them apart.

    Keep the videos coming. I am especially watching Project Tetanus.

    Thanks, Tim

  89. Stephen says:

    Thanks for all the content you have put out there. I am first time Jeep guy who just got a 1988 XJ which needs some TLC. Mine has a pesky lifter tick which will need to be addressed sooner rather than later. After looking around, it seems that this is pretty common issue with the 4.0. Could you post some content showing how to deal with this?Removing the head? Replacing the lifters and/or camshaft? Thanks for everything!

  90. Nick sparks says:

    Would love to see a how to video on fixing the pesky sparatic gauge cluster issue on the 97-01 XJ’s have with the wiring. As well as a good DIY bedliner for rocker panels and sides of jeep. Thank you.

  91. Serg says:

    I like your videos a lot. I have a JKU 2015 stock. Every time it rains there is a slight pop when turning left. My research tells me it’s the trackbar. I have tighten it but it’s still there whenever there is moisture, rain, etc. any ideas?


  92. Eddie says:

    I have a 1997 jeep grand cherokee and try to find how to fix mine information Display Module

  93. Charles says:

    I have a 99 Cherokee limited and my right blinker works fine until I turn my headlights on. The front blinker doesn’t work and I’m hearing a loud clickin noise under my dash to the left of the steering wheel. Is there a relay or something under there that needs replacing?

  94. BPTigers says:

    I have a 96 Jeep Cherokee Country XJ. I had the radiator replaced last year. Today I noticed a few drips of coolant. I found the leak. At the top of the radiator where the metal cap is, there is another plug behind it that rests against the air filter box. It takes an allen wrench but it is larger than the 10mm or 3/8 that I have. Does anyone know what size this takes. It looks like it just may need tightening. I don’t see any cracks in the plastic.


  95. I am stumped and hoping you can assist. My 98 xj will not start unless I apply throttle. My immediate thought (probably yours too) was that it does not have proper fuel pressure, which it does not. Turns out after shut off it begins losing fuel pressure. Must be the check valve, right? I swapped the fuel pump. Same problem. Swapped it again just to be sure. Same problem. Swapped all 6 injectors. Same problem. I have no leaks in the fuel lines. It runs perfect once it starts and holds good fuel pressure when running. I have also done a tune up and swapped the IAC, TPS, and CPS, just to eliminate those. Now I could do the poor mans prime the rest of my life, but since I just put all this time and money into it, I’d rather not. Plus I really can’t sleep at night because I just want to know.. WHAT AM I MISSING???

  96. Mike says:

    DAMN DEATH WOBBLE. I have replaced tie rod ends, track bar, center link, and the upper and lower ball joints. Still have death wobble at 55 mph. What else could be causing this?

  97. Eddie Greenlee says:

    Hi, really enjoy your videos ! I just bought a 97 wrangler tj , The gears are changed out to 411s and the jeep has 4″ of lift with 33 tires. I am hearing a roaring noise coming from under the jeep while on the gas, (its loud). I can let off the gas and it almost goes away. I was wondering if you had a video with the noise, then the diagnosis and finally the fix?


  98. Ralph says:

    Hey Matt I have a 1990 Jeep Cherokee XJ Laredo and I want to put discs in the rear I’ve heard somewhere that they won’t bolt up can you do a video on that

  99. John says:

    Thanks for the video’s, I need some help maybe a new video?

    2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, just installed, 3.25″ RC (Rough Country) Suspension lift, RC adjustable track bar, 2.2 Dual steering stabilizer.

    Now I get ESP (Electronic Stab. Control light) sometimes while driving. at speeds 25 and higher. while turning highway on/off ramps or following a curved road. But not when I and doing a tight figure 8 motion. I can feel the brakes activating and slowing the jeep.

    What is it and how/what do I need to fix this issue.


  100. Mike Pierce says:

    I have a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I have a bad vibration in the back. Whole driveline has been rebuilt. SYE put on including a new rearend. Went from 3:73 gears to 4:10. Pinion angles are right. What in the world could it be. It does it after 50 mph.

  101. Jeremy says:

    Hi, mi speedometer is not working, could you make a video to show us how to replace or fix this?

  102. salvagepros says:

    I have a 2003 Grand Cherokee AWD. When I shift into reverse I have problems. It will engage and disengage rapidly. When it first engages, it will disengage as soon as throttle is depressed even in the slightest. Was told the transfer case is bad and needs to be changed. What are your thoughts?

  103. Vlad says:

    Hi Matt.
    I have Jeep Wrangler 2006 4.0L (lifted 4 in)
    passenger side lower control arm(adjustable) bracket compare to driver side looks
    bended (wavy front). Bolt is not paralleled to axle.
    Are they have to be same? (straight)
    What I have to measure?
    Thank you Vlad

  104. Wali Rivers says:

    Hey Matt
    I have a 2000 Grand Cherokee and I’m having an issue with it running. It starts but will only stay running if I keep giving it gas. Would it be the PCM….and if so would swapping it out require me to have it programmed. Any advice would help. Thanks

  105. jamie says:

    is there another steering column that will fit my 1991 jeep cherokee laredo other than a 91-93 maybe a chevy truck?

  106. Douglas says:

    I have a 94 Cherokee country. I just installed new wheel hubs and the one on the right (passenger side) when I tighten the axel nut it pulls the axel out of the housing about .25″ . Have you ever had this problem or know of a solution?

  107. Kyle says:

    Huge issue for me. I have decided that I need new carrier and pinion bearings but Rough Country has a kit for pretty cheap compared to something at 4wheelparts. My question is, is rough country cheaper price a cheaper product? For as little as these kits are they are not cheap I see the pretty much the same kit other places for at least $100 more than RC. I follow on youtube any advice would much help, thanks

    2001 Jeep Cherokee 204,xxx miles
    2006 Jeep Wrangler 39,xxx

  108. Ray says:

    I have a 1996 jeep Cherokee sport and was wondering what tools are needed to change the multifunction switch for the turn signal. Thanks for all your help. Ray from wv…

  109. Scott says:

    Hey Matt, what’s your opinion on fixed and adjustable control arms.
    I’m wanting a new lift for my daily driver, I’d like to trail ride it some, not like my
    Trail rig I have, but just occasionally. But at the same time I don’t want to wear out my tires and throw off my front end. Do you think adjustable control arms is a must? It’s on 2005 tj

    • bleepinjeep says:

      how much lift? Not sure on the TJ but on the XJ I recommend adjustable over about 3.5″ of lift… you’ll need to be able to adjust your angles and such after going that high.

  110. Sam Stubbs says:

    I have a 98 Grand almost exactly like the one you bought for project Cheap Jeep, although mine is just the Laredo instead of the Limited (no sunroof and a 5.2 instead of the 5.9). Would like to do a sister build, I’ll be following closely anyway…

  111. Brandon says:

    Hey bleeping jeep, I have a 98 jeep grand Cherokee limited 5.2L zj, the HVAC control or climate control allows me to vary the the blower but won’t let me change vent postion. My blower always blows out the front facing vents any ideas on how to diagnose or fix this problem? I currently have the dash apart and was in the process of getting the AC up and running as I got this jeep used and live in Florida. Thanks for any help

    • bleepinjeep says:

      not sure, this ZJ i just got has automatic temp controls but I would guess either your HVAC box motors are stuck, or your HVAC controller is stuck or not sending the right signal. Also, it could be a vacuum problem as the motors to control where the air flows are usually vacuum actuated. check out my videos on the HVAC box.

  112. Zack says:

    Is the c8.25 or the Dana 35c a better axle in a 91 cherokee

  113. Digem says:

    I have a 2017 jeep jk willys wheeler w23 and I have next Gen Dana 30 up front Dana 44 rear with track lock running on 3.73 gears but I don’t know what my trancefer case is or its gear ..can u please help me figure it out thanks

  114. Corey says:

    I have a 1999 XJ.

    Some of the times not not always when I put on the left turn signal all the flashers flash like I put on the hazards. The right side always works fine. How would you trouble shoot this?

    1. Clean the hazard switch?
    2. Replace the turn signal component?
    3. Replace the flasher relay?
    4. Check the trailer harness? (Because it does it when a trailer is hooked up also.)
    The harness may all be hooked up in the left side. Not sure at this time.
    5. Anything else?

  115. 88jeepguy says:

    Hey I have a 88 yj, with a D35,,I’m looking to install a straight axle and eliminate vacuum disconnect, so my question is ,, what year Cherokee should I seek to get axles from or is this possible

  116. Rich W says:

    Hey , Looking for a recommendation. Replacing the radiator in my 2000 Jeep XJ, have a leak. Would like to upgrade and replace with a better all aluminum aftermarket radiator. I have the open system, with 10″ electric fan and would want a direct bolt in replacement with sensor.

    Any suggestions to brand, vendor, type, ect..

    Thanks. Rich

  117. Chip Bouton says:

    Matt I’m a huge fan of your low key humorous approach to life! Now that I’ve established a close relationship with TN’s leading Jeep dude, could you please tell me how to find The Sand Mines ? Thanks for all you do! No kiddin! Chip in Cookeville.

  118. Ron Shepard says:

    Just wanted to thank you for your professional work on a video on how to install and wire KC lights. This is my site form now on

  119. Blake J says:

    I’ve been having some trouble with an ovaled out tack bar mount and I’m wondering what you think is the best fix for something like that. It creates a decent amount of slop in my steering.

  120. Paul says:

    I bought my daughter a 99XJ as her first car. We found out that the gear selector lock does not work. That is to say that the selector can be shifted out of Park without pressing the brake and even with the car off and key out! If it were only me driving it I wouldn’t care. But with her learning to drive, I want to fix this. Can you help me figure out what I need to check and replace to fix this?
    Thanks, Paul

  121. Andrew says:

    Whenever I use my a/c on my 99 cherokee and shut off my engine, the a/c electric fan stays on. I have to disconnect battery to shut off. Any ideas? Aloha

  122. Colin says:

    I have a 4.0 2005 TJ.
    I would love to see a video on bad sensors how to test them and replace or fix them.
    TPS, CPS, IAC, MAP, O2, cam-PS etc.

  123. Robert Kruppa says:

    Hey Matt, I have a 1994 Jeep Cherokee with a 4.0L HO. Recently my oil pressure (dummy Light) comes on when stopping, and then goes out when I start to go. Also, while in park comes on until put into drive. So far I changed the oil to a heavier weight and filter. Still comes on any suggestions for me.

  124. What do I need to do to become a video partner. I see info about before I signed up but now I dont see it.

    I will be entering the Jeep Dragoneer in all sorts of events and doing more work to it.

  125. Charlie says:

    There is a lot of us (older) guys who really enjoy our XJs, who use our jeeps for daily and longer trips, but not for off-road use. How about you build an XJ that a little luxurious, comfortable, great road ride quality, upgraded lighting, interior and exterior and with a decent sound system. After all, your wife/girlfriend/partner must go out for a night of fun or vacations once in a while. I’ve made several modifications to my XJ based on your videos which are extremely helpful and sometimes entertaining. 🙂 Thanks and keep the videos coming. Charlie

  126. Allen says:

    Hey Matt – Any chance you might put up a video about replacing the motor mounts on a Cherokee? I was doing some post-trail maintenance and noticed how bad mine are and thought it might be a good topic for your weekly videos now. Thanks for the channel Matt, you helped me get build the confidence to do my own work on my Jeep!

  127. Dan Allen says:

    Hi! I have been watching your channel now for a few months and I realy like what you are doing. I have been building a 1990 Toyota 4-Runner up over the last 2 years and it has gotten pretty capeable but my son wants to buy my half out so I am starting a new project. I just came into a 1989 Ford Bronco Edy Edition 5.8L Engine. I will be building it up as a family crawler able to hall 6 People and 2 dogs. Shooting for 40″ tires right off the bat. I would like to do a video series on the build. what for camera would you recommend? In the budget line. Also the bronco will be a budget build used parts and custom fab work. $5000 budget. Also I own my own auto repair shop.

  128. artboose says:

    I have a 1999 xj that I’m fixing up, my question is I would like to replace the center console with one from Tuffy Security part #157 for a jeep jk 07-10. I looks just like the one in my xj and I was wondering if you knew if it would fit. Thank you for your videos and articles.

  129. Aaron says:

    I put jcr rear quarter panels with the light boxes on my 01 Cherokee Limited they installed great and light up well however the one problem I have is that both the rear turn signals both come on when I apply my brakes the blinker will still work and it does not show me that the lights are on on my Dash

  130. Aaron says:

    Also why will my radio cut out when I turn on my fog lights

  131. Morgan says:

    So… I put a header on my ’95 Rio Grande last night. We welded the exhaust back together but forgot to disconnect the battery. Jeep ran great for 5-7 minutes. Died. Had to wait a few minutes and it started but died in 30 seconds. Did this a few times. Had AAA bring it home. Pulled ecm this morning but doesn’t smell burned. Check engine light comes on. Could it still be the ecm? Doesn’t sputter like it’s starving for fuel. Just shuts off.

  132. Sunny says:

    I have 98 Jeep Cherokee I have issues with 4WD as I am not able to engage and if I do so it giving me a grinding noise from the lever and took it mechanic recently but he says the transmission is only bad can I still manage this with only 2wd as I won’t be able to fix it now but later on I will. I am looking for your guidance can you plz help me with this ?

  133. JOHN RINI says:

    Matt, maybe you can answer a question for me. I have a 2002 Jeep TJ. I have a Dana 35 with c-clip axles. I recently had installed an Aussie locker but really don’t care for it. I have just removed the Aussie locker. Does this model of the Dana 35 (w/c clips) suppose to have inner axles seals or is the differential oil suppose to freely flow down the tube to lubricate the outer bearing. After having removed the carrier, I was surprised to see no inner axle seal on either side and the tubes are full of oil. I was angry thinking the mechanic never put them in. Now watching you tube videos, I see nobody changing inner axle seals on a 35, only on the Dana 30. Please help if you can. Thanks, John

  134. Luis says:

    I have a 98 jeep cherokee 4.0 and I just recently started having an issue starting my jeep. Sometimes it starts right up but most of the time I have to switch it into neutral in order to start it. Any Idea on what I have to replace or a solution as to what is causing this?
    -Thanks in advance for the help.

  135. Tom H says:

    Matt, Hey I was fabbing up a rear diff skid for the 8.8 in my TJ. I was making my card board template hot gluing it together like it was going to be welded. A light bulb came on! HOT GLUE the steel together to hold in place for welding and fitting! Worked like a charm and holds at any angle. Yes tacking works great but sometimes a tack weld is not the best way. A note, the glue does not weld well! It will melt, run and then burn off first contaminating your weld. SOO, peel it off before you get the steel hot if at all possible. It is not for every application but sure is a nice technique to have in your trick drawer when you need it.

  136. Joshua Moore says:

    Hey matt, i have a 1995 laredo 42 re transmission would it bolt up to my 2000 grand cherokee? Without having to rewire it all?

  137. Tom H says:

    Tech Tip,,,,,, Hex drive drain / fill plug wrench. Get a long bolt with a head that fits your plug, my Ruff Stuff cover happens to be a 9/16 hex. The bolt needs to be about 8″ or more not including the threaded portion. Cut the threads off the bolt leaving yourself the 8″ of unthreaded body and the head that fits your plug. Bend the head over at 90 degrees about an inch up from the head. You now have a “plug wrench”. You could weld two bolts together in a Z or S to accommodate two sizes and have less chance of loosing one on the trail.

  138. Terri Bell says:

    Needing input. I have a 2000 Wrangler that will shut off while driving. It is a 4.0 with 180000 miles. if I turn off key, with clutch in i can restart and continue driving. Does anyone have a clue what it might be. No codes come up on tester. It’s possible computer may reset when i turn my jeep off.

  139. Steve C says:

    Hi Matt,
    I have a 2000 TJ that i did a frame swap on. Came out real nice. I have pulsing vibrations over 60 mph. It does it with either drive shaft removed. Have replaced or had rebuilt a lot: Trans, Trans case, both new driveshafts, new rear springs, new rear axles and bearings, new tires and rims (checked them at least three times). Any ideas of what might be the cause? Driving me nuts!!! Thanks!

  140. Sunny says:

    This is Sunny I drive a 98 Cherokee XJ I have a few issues with the transmission now as the jeep has done 183k miles now recently when I started the engine and put it into Drive mode normally it moves from staying but this did not happen so I gassed it and made an effort to move the jeep but when I turn the steering there is no power and the vehicle switches off I again have to Franck it and move the car so can you please help me with this.
    Also I went to Autozone to check if there are any codes on my car it says the Cyclinder 5 has a mid fire can you please tell me what is wrong with the car and help me in directions for the next steps I need to take action on for these issues.

    Thank you
    You can also mail me on

  141. vernon atchison says:

    i wish you would do a video about the 1995 fuel sending units. from what i understnad they are not made or sold so i need to find a way around this

  142. Michael Lathrop says:

    Hey bleepin Jeep,

    I am currently stationed in Japan and have a RHD 1998 Jeep Cherokee. I was looking to purchase a drop pitman arm but am having trouble finding one for XJ or ZJ RHD jeeps. I was wondering if you may have a solution for me other than having one made custom. This is my first Jeep so I’m learning as I go and have really appreciated your videos. Thanks for all the great content.


  143. Stanislav says:

    Hey so my front left frame rail has a crack that’s pretty damn big how should I go about with fixing it? Maybe make a cap that goes over it? I’ve been looking for a place to contact you and this is the best place I can find so sorry if it’s in the wrong place

  144. Scott says:

    Hey Matt, did you run into any problems with the distribution blocks on the Comanche. I’m wanting to put my Optima behind my seat or in the bed of my Comanche. But the blocks say 250 amps and my superwinch says it runs 350 amp at max draw, wouldn’t it melt the blocks. Or did u run the winch strait to the battery. Thanks ur time