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**Returning 2024 – We will not be able to rebuild gear boxes until 2024, sorry for the inconvenience.

Interested in rebuilding the seals on your steering box or adding hydro assist but don’t want to take on the challenge yourself?  Let us do the hard work for you.  Send us your working box and we will reseal, and/or port and tap it for hydro assist, clean it, paint it, and reassemble.  If you just want a reseal I recommend adding the hydro assist option anyway as you can cap it off for now and it will always be there for future upgrades.

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Option 1: Replace Outer Seals Only – Pick this option if your box is leaking fluid but still works

Option 2: Replace Inner and Outer Seals – Pick this option if your box leaks or is hard to turn but has no play, and you don’t want to risk getting a lemon from the parts store

Option 3: Replace Inner/Outer Seals and add Hydro Assist – Pick this option if you want to add hydro assist to your vehicle now or in the future.

Option 4: For JK Owners Only… If no DELPHI stamp is present it is a Chinese box and no seal kits are available.  Adds Hydro assist but keeps old seals

Option 5: For JK Owners Only… If your box has a DELPHI stamp you can have the seals replaced.  Replace Inner/Outer Seals and add Hydro Assist

*Box must already be in working order as this modification will not fix a bad worm gear, or damaged, or broken box.

*Hydro Assist requires additional components sold separately.  See this video for more info:

*Boxes will come with these fittings:

*Most steering boxes will fit in a large USPS flat rate box which is only $18 to ship anywhere in the country. You ship to us and we will handle return shipping. After your order is placed, you will receive further instructions with shipping details. (U.S. residents only)

**If you have questions please contact us first and we will provide answers before ordering.  After ordering you will receive directions on how and where to ship.

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Replace Outer Seals Only, Replace Inner and Outer Seals, Inner/Outer Seals and Hydro Assist, JK Box/Hydro Assist No Seal Replacement, JK Box/Hydro Assist/Seal Replacement

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