Colby Valve Stem – Trail Damage Safeguard


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It may not have happened to you yet… but eventually it will!  Your valve stem breaks off the wheel or begins to leak from trail carnage.  What do you do now??  With a set of these in your tool bag you’ll never have to worry about this situation again.  Or better yet, replace all your valve stems now in the comfort of your own garage.  The beauty of the Colby valve is that you can install them from the outside without having to dismount the tire from the wheel.

  • Extra short length!
  • Installs from the outside of the wheel!
  • Fits standard .453 wheel openings (everything from bicycles to trucks)
  • Installs in about 1 minute
  • 20X stronger than standard valves
  • 7/16″ socket or wrench required for installation
  • Quality 360 brass components
  • Made in the USA

Want the best permanent valve stem on the market? Our Ultimate Valve System is it!

It is a full 1/2″ shorter than our original Permanent Valves, lowering the risk that it will contact hazards on the trail. If it does, the high strength will further protect you against a valve stem break.

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