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  1. Alex Kiely says:

    So I have a question that I need answers to but can’t seem to get one. I have a 1993 jeep Cherokee sport 2D with 3″ pro comp lift kit on it. The lift was put on before I purchased the jeep so I don’t know know how old it is. I’m currently at 230k miles and my rear end has began to sag. My leaf springs are shot. I was wonder if you had a recommendation on which leaf springs I should purchase, that would accommodate my lift.

  2. Ben says:

    I have a 2004 tj with 4″ suspension and 33’s. Recently I started to get the death wobble so I took it to my local offroad shop and had him put a Clayton trackbar and weld new bracket since holes were oblonged. Then we upgraded steering to 1 ton and got alignment done then took it for a drive and experienced the worst death wobble ever. Took it back, got tires balanced again since it was speed related(45mph) and not bump related. It’s still just as bad and we’ve checked everything including ball joints and wheel bearings but they didn’t seem bad. I’m tempted to just go ahead and change the ball joints and wheel bearings but this whole thing went way over budget as always so any suggestions are welcome.

  3. abdul says:

    hey i have a jeep wrangler 4.o 1998 sport . 6 inch rough country my question is that does the adjustable control arms length have to be matched exactly to its matching arm ??
    my jeep is not pulling but my rear left camber is -0.6 degree and rear right side is – 0.8 …

    specs says caamber have to be between -0.5 and 0.0 .
    note – front toe camber caster is fine. so is rear toe it s just rear caster i was concern about.

    does ocntrol arms have to be same in length whit its matching arm .

  4. abdul says:

    i mean just rear camber * is what i am concern about.

  5. Nick yuhas says:

    What year leaf pack should I use for the S-10 bastard packs?

  6. Rob Wimer says:

    Hey Matt
    You need a video on how to build your own long arm kit for a cherokee or if you have the info how to please send me the info Thanks Rob

  7. Kenneth Hiebert says:

    I have a 1990 wrangler and only want about a 2 ” lift.Any recommendation?

  8. jeremiah says:

    Hey matt, i know you weren’t happy with the frame stiffiners that you put on project scorpion, but i like the suspension and the key ways for the mounts. so it still needs a little work to get it to work right but it does seem like in the end it worked out fine, so i have searched short and easy and cant find it. email me it so i can copy you. (not really [ok really])

  9. Bill Maroney says:

    Hi Matt…I subscribed to rough country

  10. jeff says:

    I have a 4.5 re yj lift leaf springs and they are starting to sag some is there any way to get them back up to where they were when new ? a bastard pack fix maybe not sure what other vehicle I could use to get it back up to where it was when new

  11. rob t says:

    Here’s one for ya! 98 zj (grand cherokee) has 4 1/2″ lift with adjustable control arms and 242 tc swap! drivers side upper control arm bracket on front is shearing away from unibody. all the long arm kits do not accommodate the 242 swap (first thing a jeeper does with these zj’s) and are built with the mounts for a 239 or 249 tc. i do not need springs, shocks, blah blah blah, as i do not want to go higher but the long arm kit would bypass the upper mounts completely. question is, weld the bracket back in place (only started shearing off) or convert to long arm finding someone who sells only the cross member mount and arms for a 4 1/2″ lift?