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  1. John says:

    Hey man love the videos love the xj man makes me miss mine…anyways to continue to my question (cuz i dont see contact you) is this…ive accuired a comanche (86 2.5 longbox) and ive been reading alot about a lift..did a bastard pack on my xj and people say sua can be done too but i dont see it working without losing massivs ammounts of driving quality by using heavyier leafs(and i dunno bout your xj but mine rode super nice compared to my mj) whats your opinions?

    • bleepinjeep says:

      well a bastard pack can be pretty stiff but you might can remedy that with better shocks or more weight in the rear. Dont know about yours but my truck rides much better with a full tank of gas… so maybe some weights welded up under the frame might be in order!

      • John says:

        Well i rides nice for a ol gal but the pack on the xj significantly increased the ride qualIty…but im thinkin lift as everything is a extreme budjet

  2. jeannine says:

    hi i have a 1998 jeep cherokee truck i installed front coil springs on and the springs are going down they not spaced apart what could be the problem

  3. Jim says:

    Recovered my headliner after watching your video. It came out great. How about a video on recovering sunvisors and replacing a window regulator? I have to do both. Thanks.

  4. Patrick says:

    How can i ask you a technical question. I enjoy your videos and they are helping me with my 1997 wrangler. I am installing a new trutrac dana35 and i think the bearings i was sold are to big. I need help but i am a soldier without much help.

  5. Manfred says:

    I have a stock 2001 Cherokee sport. When I make turns in either direction at slow speeds I get a clunking noise out of the front end. When I have someone turn the wheel left or right in stationary mode there is no noise? Any ideas? I thought it might be the track bar bushing or mount but that’s not the case.
    Info is appreciated.

  6. kenny byrd says:

    Still have not received my cherokee jeep sticker I ordered from you 21 days ago.

    • bleepinjeep says:

      Please email me with your name and order number. This will help me figure out what happened. After placing an order, you should have received a confirmation email. All orders are shipped within 5 days.

  7. John P Boggs says:

    I have a question not sure if this is where to ask it or not but here it goes… I have a 2005 Jeep Wrangle Sport 4.0, I would like to remove the Steering Lock on it, I tow it and in putting the key switch in the off position like that it says to do, but I have had problems it looking up while towing it for some reason… I have been all over the net and different places to find out how to remove it, I went to the dealer and they wanted $210.00 to disable it, yeah right. I have the ability to do if I can read or see something on how to do it… Can you help me with this I was hopping you had a video on how to do it.. but didn’t see anything,,, Thank you for your time.
    Looking for in your reply…

    John P Boggs

  8. Paul says:

    I am installing a 3 in lift on my 99 XJ. The kit came with springs and shocks but did not come with sway bar links.
    With a 3 in lift will I need extended links or will the stock parts be OK?

  9. Eric says:

    First off- Love the videos, and I appreciate the fact I’m not being ‘talked down to’, even though I know very little about these things. With your help, though, I was able to change out the U-joints on my front axle (although I ended up wrecking the inner seal on the driver’s side–oops! But hey, at least I knew I did it!!)
    Would love to see a video on diff gear swap.
    -what gears fit in the stock pumpkin
    -what needs new carriers
    -stock 3.21 to say…4.10s??
    Anyway – thanks agaiin, and keep the videos cooming!

  10. Robert says:


    I have a 1995 XJ all stock approximately 155,000miles. The steering seems to be real loose and dont return to center when going around a turn. Kinda squirrelly. I replaced the steering box. no help, replaced the steering stablilizer no help.

    I want this to be my daughters 1st car but with the steering this way im affraid of her getting into an accident.

    I did the test jacking up each tire about 1″ off the ground then shaking tire side to side just alittle movement (not alot just alittle). Up and down no movement at all. This was the same on both front tires.

    Please help

  11. kelly dutcher says:

    matt love the vids. thank you. I have a question about a couple of your sponsors, tmr customs and ruff stuff. I purchased a set of heim joints from both. they appear to be the same heim but tmr has a larger jam nut. the bungs appear to be similar. am I missing something? tmr $90ea and ruff stuff $125 for a pair. that’s a difference of $55. can you help me understand why such a huge difference. $55 isn’t that much until you realize you need 4 sets. for a grand total difference of $220. do both ends and its $440. just in joints. that hurts. maybe you could ask them for the differences to justify such a drastic difference. I would love to hear it. why should I by tmr when ruff stuff sells the same (I believe) heim for so much less. lets keep these sponsors accountable or they don’t deserve to be on your channel. thanks matt

    • bleepinjeep says:

      I haven’t checked into the prices or differences of each but I’m sure they would have a better understanding than I and I’m sure they would be willing to speak to you about those differences. I’m sure both brands have their pros and cons but you also need to keep in mind other factors such as supply and demand, cost of goods, promotions, sales, shipping costs, international shipping costs, shipping time, other items of interest, selling location, brick and mortar costs, brand recognition, etc. You can see the same kind of price differences from grocery store to grocery store… It doesn’t mean they are doing things wrong, it just means they are selling the parts at the price people are willing to pay. If they don’t sell, then its up to them to decide if they should lower the price, thats capitalism.

      • kelly dutcher says:

        thanks matt, appreciate the info. agreed they can charge what they can get. maybe ill do a better job on my research next time. thats on me. really enjoy the fab vids. started my own build of a Durango. also, wouldn’t mind if your cheap jeep was an old flat fender or panel. I have a 1960 cj3b and would love to see something like that. then the rat rod willys. keep up the quality vids

  12. kelly says:

    matt, i was wondering when the 50 state tour for the scorpion crawler begins? those of us in the south west would love to see how well your east coast crawler performs in the desert. love watching you wheel but would love some cacti in the background. any way i’m extending an open invite to you and the rest of the bleepinjeep crew to come to az an wheel. you can wheel in the winter and not worry about frostbite. dont come in august its just too damb hot to do anything. 115 degrees by noon. keep up the good work. youve assembled a great bunch of guy on your crew and you have the best how to vids on the net. i dont even own a bleepin jeep anymore but the vids are universal and that an accomplishment. again, keep up the good work. thanks.

    kelly dutcher

  13. kelly dutcher says:

    matt, want to build my own fuel cell for my Durango build. where did you get the sending unit collar? I’m looking to tie the tank into the stock filler hole. do they have filler necks to attach a flex hose to? what thickness of aluminum is required for safety? looking forward the cheap jeep build, have you decided on the build rules yet? keep up the great work. thanks


  14. kelly says:

    matt, another question for you. possibly tyler. what is the difference between the front and rear leaf springs? is there one other than location? doing a sas on the durango and would like to use rear leaf spring packs from a donor durango in the front. or, do you guys have a better suggestion?

    thanks and you guys are a blast to watch. learned alot from you.


  15. Jim Mcrobbie says:

    Hey Matt, I have a 1994 XJ. Last week on a very cold morning when turning the steering wheel I felt it “slip” about two inches. The steering wheel is no longer centered. I know you have a vid about straightening the steering wheel but what would have cause the wheel to slip? The weather has warmed up and the slip has not occurred again.



    • bleepinjeep says:

      thats pretty scary… I would say maybe your stock tie rod collar that kinda clamps the pieces together has slipped… either that or something has broken, like a track bar or something major. you should get under there and start looking at stuff while someone else turns the wheel back and fourth for a while!

  16. Tony Snow says:

    I have watched several of your videos and they have been a big help along the way, Thanks! I do have a small piece of information that might be of use to you. In the SYE video you seemed to struggle removing the front and rear yokes. For years I did the same thing as you until I bought a tool from Speedway Motors. Here is a link for the tool: http://www.speedwaymotors.com/Yoke-Lock-Adjustable-Wrench,27127.html It is a life saver when torqueing the nuts down to 100+ft/lbs. I have some pics with it in use swapping over to a SYE if you are interested. Thanks again for taking the time to show everyone the how-to videos. I enjoy working on any thing with wheels and always encourage my peers to at least make an effort. It is amazing what you can do when you actually try. Regards, Tony

  17. Josh Metsker says:

    Could you do a video of installing a fuel cell in a 97-01 XJ? I removed my tank as part of my build and am needing help on how to install the fuel cell that I bought for the cargo compartment of the jeep.
    Keep up the good work!

  18. Todd says:

    Hey Matt.. I have a 98 jeep xj I’m getting a lot of creek in and popping when I turn the wheel.. What would be causing that.. And what could I do to fix it.. It has a 4.5 inch lift on it with 33-12.5-15s on it.. Thanks todd

  19. John says:

    Question – 99 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 2wheel drive transmission fit in a 2003 grand cherokee larado 4.0 4×4. or will there be electrical issues and i’m pretty sure the tail piece will need to be changed. i think drive shafts are the same but enlighten me.

  20. Trevor says:

    Hello love the videos! New to jeeps just bought an 88 yj last weekend, an the ba/10 that’s suppose to be in it was replaced by a T5 for some reason by the PO. So I bought a used ax15 from an 89 yj with a 4.2. Will this be a direct swap (except for the 23 spline input shaft on the transfer) keep up the great work you really are a great help to so many people

  21. Bob says:

    I am looking for that bell shaped intake thing you showed in your cold air video. Looks to come off a military vehicle. I would really like to run that on my 96. Any help would be appreciated.

  22. Chris says:

    tl;dr – will pay for advice
    I have a 99 I bought new, attempted to wrench and failed.
    Have gotten some work done, want to do more.