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  1. Ato says:

    Whats the best and safest way to decarbonize your Jeep (wrangler)?

    Ive seen some videos of guys using water?!?!….
    that or seafoam.

  2. Bobby K. says:

    94 jeep Cherokee 4.0 HO oil light goes on when stopping, and goes off when accelerating… Oil level is just right and not acting up…. Need help please! Thank You…..

  3. centexn says:

    1999 xj 256000 4.0 sport dd no mods bone stock

    Hi, quite the comprehensive site. Perhaps you could steer me to the content covering my issue. Took a 2hr road trip. Up and back with about a two hour hiatus. On the way back the engine idle began to race to about 2.5 k holding then spiking to 3k briefly to then drop back. This behavior happen at a stop light. Then I noticed as I ran through the gears continued racing as I made the shifts. Eg., clutch-in rpms race to 2-2.5k, clutch out in gear move forward with the same m.o. through the gears. Underway off accelerator rpms maintain same or a little higher. Hot day, ac running, no issues like this before. Am baffled hoping your expertise will she’d some light.



  4. Tom Kilroy says:

    Matt hello. I have been following your video for a long time. I have 2006 Jeep TJ and I am changing the fuel pump. The tank is dropped but I am having trouble removing the wiring connector on the top of the tank. I have removed the red locking tab but I cannot push the connector off. Please any suggestions. Thanks Tom

  5. Vinny says:

    I’m getting a 1411 fuel flow code which keeps my idiot light on any thoughts