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  1. Beth Richardson says:

    I have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 4.0. V6 inline engine. I like the video you have on this but mine has the auto adjusting tension rod that I can not for the life of me get to loosen so I can remove the belt and alternator. Any ideas?

  2. Jason Carter says:

    I have to say, I love your How to video on Youtube, they are not only informative but entertaining and hilarious. I’ve been having an issue with my 1990 XJ That is giving me a whopper of a problem trying to set the TPS Throttle position sensor. I was wondering if you could do a Youtube video on how to set this little bugger? This thing has been sitting in the driveway for about a year laughing at me and making me feel inferior. I would be eternally grateful if you would do a video.

  3. Samuel Sandoval says:

    I was wondering if you could post a H4 conversion on a older model XJ Jeep Cherokee using a Putco wiring harness.